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Mladí proti rasizmu
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our goal is to organize a series of cultural and educational activities for young people, featuring mainly a documentary movie that we will shoot especially for this occasion. The goal of this series of events will be to fight racism amongst young people. We are planning to organize at least two events in Slovakia, and one in France.The documentary, along with other activities for young people (such as a short theatre performance, a debate, articles in the media or even a press conference if needed) will attack racism and prejudice. The subject of our movie will be the refugees, a subject that has been and still is presented in the media on a regular basis. Our movie wants to fight against the stereotypes that some people might have.The project will be realized by a group of young activists and amateur documentary makers in Slovakia, in cooperation with the art group KLAB based in France. (together, around 10 people). A group of volunteers will contribute to the movie making process. All members are less than 30 years old and this is going to be their first chance to create a European project with an artistic and educational value.The target group of our project will be young people as well: "From young people, to young people - together, let's fight racism."The movie will be realized in Slovakia and in France, in case there is a co-funding, it might be filmed in other countries as well.Our goal will be to project the movie in schools, youth clubs and organizations in Slovakia and in France, followed by a debate, a conference, or a short theatre performance, so that the young people can discuss it. It will be shared on social media in Europe. We would like to reach several thousands of young Europeans and bring them the stories of refugees (mainly women and children). We are convinced that this is the only way to influence their perception of otherness and make sure to avoid racism and extremism in tomorrow's Europe.



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