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Mлади доброволци в Европа
Date du début: 15 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 14 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Young Volunteers in Europe" is аn EVS project of the Erasmus+ program that promotes civic and multicultural education of young people from the Dimitrovgrad region of Bulgaria and in the partner countries - Poland and Spain.  By participating in this project under the European Erasmus + we will create improve the local conditions for young people to enhance and increase their awareness about volunteering and the important benefits it brings. With globalisation we need our citizens to participate and to be more tolerant of the modern multicultural world in which they will have to work.  During the activities all participants will acquire new competencies that will be specifically described in the Special Diplomas and Youth Pass Certificates that will be issued. EVS participants  will be two volunteers selected jointly by the hosting and sending organizations.  In addition, volunteers from local school Parliament, twenty girls and boys, will work together with them.  The members of the school parliament will represent all local schools, so that the ideas and activities on the project will reach and involve all young people in the region.  Generally we anticipate that over 3000 students and young people from primary, secondary and high schools in the region will benefit.  Activities will be meetings, presentations, information campaigns, happenings, expeditions and visits to cultural, educational and social institutions and and will involve informal discussions, role plays, ice-beakers, energizers and reflective meetings.   As a result of the project activities we  will raise the level of awareness of local youth and their activity in civil and multicultural education, and will promote the role of volunteering among young people and the public.  The project also aims to increase the participation of young people in public life and to contribute to their active citizenship. The target group is young people between 15 and 30 years, and also those who work with them.  By participating in this project we will assist the efforts of young people for their future careers and will create better opportunities for them to find their desired job. The young EVS volunteers will have the opportunity to contribute significantly to the quality of the work in our organization. During the project they will enhance the participation and interest of young people in to the activities of the youth Parliament and spreading useful information and youth policies. The foreign volunteers will contribute to the personal and educational development of young people in the region. They will work to increase civic engagement and will promote the need for social care and the inclusion of disadvantaged people. They will participate in diverse events for environmental and educational programs using non-formal education and ICT.  They will contribute to promote media literacy, culture and creativity, international cooperation and inter cultural education. They will encourage all participants to reflect on European topics and will provide our young people with the opportunity to identify common values with people from different countries, despite cultural differences. They will discuss different perspectives on inequality and discrimination and will promote respect for cultural diversity and fight against racism and xenophobia. They will encourage young people through their regular contacts with the participants of the Youth Parliament, the young people in the secondary and high schools and also the participants in other extracurricular activities of the children and youth center in Dimitrovgrad. Through participation in the foreseen activities under this project we will promote the integration between different cultures in order to create a more inclusive society, to take care of the local environment and other important topics for the society through active citizenship actions. Youth participation is preceded by the establishment of an attitude and in order to form an attitude youth needs an adequate practice space. Any young person who wishes to become an active citizen needs a regular practice, good examples and guides that will lead them in the right direction. Through this project we aimed to reunite young people from three different countries, but whose problems and interests match. We believe that through this kind of international experience we provided them access to a new experience that would improve their activity and turn them into better citizens of their communities.



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