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Mit Basketball durch Europa und die Welt
Date du début: 1 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project 'With Basketball through Europe and the World' (orig. “Mit Basketball durch Europa und die Welt”) initiated by the German sports club DJK Grün-Weiß Rheda e.V. tries to form a bridge between sports and interculturality. Sports can be done almost without any language and Basketball is played all around the world. Especially in Rheda children, adolescence and adults from many different countries play together basketball and since 25 years there is a regularly exchange with the Spanish partner club in Palamós. A Spanish player, supervisor and coach who can look after the young people can help us to underline our strong orientation towards European awareness and interculturality. Around 200 of our almost 400 members are young basketball players, which play on different levels, are supposed to make a profit and be motivated by the involvement of the Spanish volunteer. They are supposed to play basketball with him, learn from him, receive and accompany guests from Spain with him and prepare and do an exchange to Spain with the volunteer. Of course he is supposed to represent our European partner country in a positive manner and help our children and young people to make contact with people beyond the borders of Germany. Due to Basketball, the European volunteer, coaches and friends from different countries our members are supposed to get to know Europe and the whole world more easily. The volunteer who lives with us will be an example for interculturality and European living together. Daily we can see that the project 'Europe' is a long-term plan. Maybe it will take more generations to create and make it successful but this can only be possible by the living together of the Europeans. Town twinning, study visits, school- and voluntary projects are some small steps towards the right track.



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