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Mistik Güçlerden Uzak Epilepsi ve Küresel Aydınlanma İçin AB Modeli
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project name: “Epilepsy Away from Mystical Powers and EU Model for Global Enlightenment”. 54 student participants from 11th and 12th grades who are in the Nursing and Emergency Medical Technician departments of our institution and local partner institutions attended to our project. 6 expert teachers escorted our participants. Mobility operation was completed with the host institutions; on December 2015 in Italy, on February 2016 in Spain and on March 2016 in Romania. Each flow had equal numbers of participants within them. Just as we mentioned in our project’s application form, the steps of our project was accomplished and we reached our goals. Epilepsy disease is very common in developing and developed countries. The disease is either seen alone or accompanies other diseases and as a symptom it negatively affects morbidity, mortality, work efficiency and global economy. In this day and age, almost in all countries of the world epilepsy is seen not as a disease but as a concept which is reviewed with mystical thoughts. To fight with such misunderstandings, in 1997, international organizations like World Health Organization, The International League against Epilepsy and International Bureau of Epilepsy started the “Global Enlightenment on Epilepsy” campaign. Epilepsy is a very common and a serious brain disease in our country and in the world. It effects almost 50 million people all around the world and it is estimated that each year almost 2 million epilepsy cases are seen. According to Ministry of Health data, there are still 700.000 epilepsy patients in Turkey. At least %50 of the cases either began in the childhood period or during puberty. There are almost 2.000.000 children in Europe with epilepsy. This number shows us that, during childhood “epilepsy” is seen more than the common chronic diseases like rheumatism, diabetics and tuberculosis. Even though there is theoretical information on epilepsy in text books of health vocational education, there isn’t an efficient source/application model on application and approaches. The personnel working in this area is insufficient and the professional support is very low. In this context, there was need of; benefiting from the EU level field events, creating public awareness about the disease and raising qualified, skillful and talented health personnel (nurses, emergency medical technicians) in order to provide quality health service to epilepsy patients. Our participants had the need of; learning vocational information about the field, developing skills, gaining experience, developing vocational language, employment according to their certificates, experiencing different cultures, promoting our country’s culture in the positive way, developing self-confidence/understanding and becoming role models for their friends. Our project’s goal is; providing international experience to our participants and increasing their vocational information-skill-talent in the field in the EU level, Letting them learn diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy patients in the EU level, care, emergency interference and nursing services, public scanning, genetics advising and public education, Gaining them skills, information and experience on patient rights/ethical applications in EU level. These are some of the inputs which leaded the project to be reviewed as a success. Results of the project according to our goals we mentioned in the application form and we must talk about in the final report; certification (national and international) to our participants, letting them learn vocational information, skills and experience in this field, leading them for employment within the sector, Letting them live through an EU experience and providing them a chance to work and a chance to do applications in different race, language, gender and cultural structure, Developing communicative-vocational language skills and self-confidence of the participants, Comparing unique epilepsy applications with the applications in our country and providing the usage of this vocational education and effective application in the education life, Observing special-field applications and scientific research in EU countries, providing the transfer of special-field equipment and tools in our country, Learning the host country’s culture and contributing into the promotion of our country and our culture in a positive way, Creating unique products and outputs of the project (publication, press release, booklet, brochure, CD/DVD, etc.) Spreading the results of the project (health, education, associations, NGOs, press/media, social media sites, etc.) and informing the decision-makers, Suggesting inter-service education organization on the field to the Ministry of Health and Ministry of National Education and informing MTAL’s health vocational teachers and working field professionals, Learning effective emergency care/method applications on epilepsy and decreasing the loss of workforce and disability and becoming a part o



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