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Mission: Migration
Date du début: 3 juin 2016, Date de fin: 2 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Youth exchange Mission: Migration will take place in Oldenburg, Germany from 22th of June till 3rd of July 2016 to address currently one of the most topical issues: Migrations. Our participants are faced with political and social confusions about migrations, migration crisis, terrorist attacks, migration camps, mass media campaign on this topic, values they learn from home, with their own identity, future of the world they know etc. There will be 40 young people from four countries (Italy, Spain, Slovenia and Germany) participating on the youth exchange. There will be 2 leaders per group. There will be 24 young people with fewer opportunities involved in the project (out of total 40). The group will be formed within the age from 16 till 25.They will be able to explore the topic migrations through the drama education, because it offers vast possibilities to work on the topic without verbal communication, through the body expression and by equal participation. This topic enables dialogue with the local Centre for migration at the Oldenburg University which will also be present in some point to talk about the taboo topics first-hand, IBIS - Interkulturelle Arbeitsstelle e.V. or Jugendschutzstelle der Stadt Oldenburg, which are responsible for hosting all unaccompanied minor refugees. JKA is already been working with this organisation on dance and theatre activities for the minor refugees.The results of the youth exchange will be theatre performance in the International Project House (IJP) of the Association Jugendkulturarbeit in Oldenburg. This organisation already has a regular audience which come to their performances and has a huge network of local association and their participants which are also fans of such international activities. The second result will be the photo-exhibition which will represent the progress of understanding migration issues and will be set in each participating country. The traveling exhibition will be seen by at least 1000 people and will be placed on different places in the local community (libraries, schools, parks) to enable maximum possible visibility. We believe this project will help participants to gain respect, to experience the tolerance and diversity, to understand the story behind the lives of the migrant and to be able to express the feelings and their opinion. The organisations will also benefit from this project; because they will strengthen their international partnership and will positioned itself in the local community as the important local stakeholder.



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