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MINT Kits for Kids
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

MINT Kits for Kids In the framework of the "MINT Kits for Kids" project a number of integrated learning units in the form of kits will be developed and produced with and for partner primary schools in all of the participating countries. In the field of Mathematics, ICT, Natural Sciences and Technology there is a lack of available talent among the young people in the European Union. So the idea was born to encourage further motivation and interest in MINT subjects at the primary school level by making scientific and technological learning media available to young children in the form of integrated learning units consisting of mechanical and electrical devices or software and exercises, games and puzzles together with a teaching plan for the teachers. The needs of the pupils will be analyzed in cooperation with the primary school teachers and the kits will be developed and produced in constant communication with them. The implementation of the kits will take place in primary schools throughout the participating countries. Thus all material must be translated into the individual languages. Each school will participate in the project with various departments in which they have particular competences and will be responsible for the coordination of at least one aspect of the learning units. These departments will include design, production, MINT subjects, foreign languages. The project is planned to take place within the normal lessons of several classes in every schools as well as longer project phases which will include two medium term learning and teaching activities of one week each where students and teachers will work together from each of the participating schools in a so-called European Class. Furthermore students and teachers will be directly involved in the cooperation with primary schools, especially in the testing and implementation of prototypes and finished kits. Because of the pan-European need in the field of MINT and the variety of experience in participating countries, a fruitful project can only be achieved with maximum cooperation and collaboration between the various schools with their different competences. Throughout the project communication will take place between all partner schools via eTwinning, social media, a website and at three coordinating meetings as well as the learning activities. The intercultural exchange of students and teachers with their European partners and the sharing of best practice will play an essential role in the project. Students and teachers are involved in all decision making and evaluation processes. Project and time management, quality control and regular evaluation of all procedures will be ensured in constant progress reports, via eTwinning and through the meetings. The involvement of stakeholders in the field of MINT research and development and local and regional education authorities will ensure the dissemination and sustainibility of any results of the project.



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