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Minorities groups Education Through Art
Date du début: 1 nov. 2015, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Minorities groups are characterized by problems of literacy, early school leaving, language barriers and lack of intercultural dialogue, which are interlinked to social problems. Minorities groups including Roma need the engagement of international players to address priorities such as the promotion of their inclusion, the upholding of their fundamental rights as EU citizens and the development of new learning measures for reducing disparities in learning outcomes affecting children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The META experimentation project aims to combine, share and scale up the good practices from 2 different LLP funded projects ARTinED and Art4ROM as to create an innovative methodology merging the previous experiences and testing it in the countries where the MUS-E network is actively engaged in pre and primary schools with children from different cultural backgrounds, including minorities. The results of this testing will be used at European level as a tool for advocacy with European Institutions, National and Local Authorities and Stakeholders to foster inclusion, fight stereotypes promote intercultural dialogue through art to make school a success story for children and youth with migrant background in Europe. The main results of the project are: • A validated methodology to extend the successful results of previous projects to the migrant children and European minorities including Roma; • Toolkit of Effective Approaches describing how to increase access, participation and/or completion of project specific target groups and describing policy barriers and policy enablers; • META Advocacy Strategy and Tour to disseminate the findings of the project as well as the Toolkit, the META consortium will be organising at least 4 national roundtable in order to meet stakeholders and policy makers.



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