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Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Loesje aims for a creative society based on own initiative and active citizenship, where the individual is appreciated for personal skills and talents rather than economical value. This, we believe, is the long term benefit. The objective of Loesje and this project is to exchange ideas and opinions. To stimulate people to create their own ideas. The medium Loesje mainly uses for that is posters with short but strong texts(one-liners) which shine a different light on a particular subject. Our main activity is to create such posters, together with our members, but also with people from other organisations. Giving workshops in text writing, and also using it as a method to express and exchange opinions. The posters are usually spread on internet, around the streets, community centres, schools etc. But we also publish books with these texts and some other products.A few examples of Loesje poster results are:"The world is too round to sit silently in the corner""Everything always changes, and this will forever be the same""Ethnic registration; genetically I'm half broccoli"More posters and results can be seen on aims of the organisation are:* Spreading of black and white text posters that colour life;* Creating possibilities in which participants of Loesje activities can constantly start and support progressive social initiative. Within this a maximum possibility is given to the development of individual freedom and social concern of the mentioned participants;* Supporting the different local Loesje-groups as well as the individual participant who takes part in Loesje activities;* Encourage a global and social awareness, envolvement and active attitude.Three participants can be accepted per year, for long term EVS. We seek people that are engaged in the world, who see adventure, like writing, and have a creative, do-it-yourself kind of mind.



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