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"Mind Mapping and Multiple Intelligence for primary education"
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our innovative project addresses our needs as teachers to lifelong learning and to our commitment to adopt innovative tools that: 1. promote and develop our students' progress and performance in our schools plus empower their self confidence and thus face the disappointment one feels when marginalized in academic topics. A fact that sooner or later leads towards the early school leave of these student groups 2. make teaching and learning an attractive process for all students 3. de-marginalize certain student groups with poor performance in academic topics 4. develop and enhance our professional skills as teachers, our teaching methods and our ways of motivating and engaging our students as well as our need to: 5. take advantage of Open Educational Resources that can be accessed for free in the web and this way, we are offering our final project products as a free OER, with no copyright limitations, free to be used by a vast majority of our European colleagues / project target group members 6. take advantage, exploit and transfer to everyday school practice, the knowledge and the know how of our external partners / experts in the field of education (formal and non formal education) plus establish strong bonds with them for potential future innovative projects 7. open our schools to a broader community of colleagues, parents, external partners and create a future network of potential partners focused and committed to educational innovation and practice 8. take advantage and integrate into this project the use of various innovative IT tools and software complementing the Mind Mapping and Multiple Intelligence tools 9. take advantage of the new possibilities provided by EU to disseminate our project and show our work to colleagues, parents, students, media, external partners in the field of education 10. take advantage of the student exchange mobility action and thus have 128 primary education students from 8 different countries move abroad to learn and work together into the same room (16 foreigner plus man more local students every time) on innovative joint project activities such as Mind Mapping, Multiple Intelligence, PBL and their relevant IT tools 11. take advantage of the new institution of Short Term Staff Training Events and thus move and educate in 3 such meetings 135 (3X45) colleagues abroad who will work on Mind Mapping and Multiple Intelligence tools plus on the PBL method along with even more local colleagues from hosting schools 12. take advantage of 6 Project Transnational Meetings and thus besides cooperation, evaluation, communication and further planning of the project another 108 colleagues (2 teachers x 6 meetings x 9 schools =108) will be educated mainly in our project e-tools and secondly in Mind Mapping and Multiple Intelligence techniques plus in the PBL method (plus local staff) 13. Teaching staff will gain Certificates on the new tools acquired plus they will add their updated Europass Passports to their LinkedIn / eTwinning accounts 14. Parents will be actively involved as they will be part of this Project and will move abroad to meet peers and start creating networks and connections for future adults projects as well as realize the way teachers are innovating and try to help their children. 94 of them will travel abroad, accompany students, will taste Europe and will transmit their positive experience to parents' associations We will begin by mastering Mind Mapping and we will later integrate it into the Multiple Intelligence tool. During the first year we will learn to take advantage of the Mind Mapping abilities and we will gradually blend it with the PBL method. We will also introduce the theory of Multiple Intelligence to our staff members. The second year we blend MM with MI and during the third year we develop MI activities. There are going to be many Short Term Learning Activities for both teachers and students, frequent evaluation, OER exploitation, external partners cooperation and multiple channeled dissemination of the project. The motto of our project, which we all strongly believe as expressed by mrs Eleni Garyfalaki, our MI mentor's words: "We want the student to feel safe, included, accepted and loved by the others and then we will open a window towards the world and we will give him/her "wings" to "fly away”” plus mrs Krista Kiuru, minister of Finnish Education words: "We can't afford to waste a brain" and more: "Regardless of a person's gender, background, or social welfare status, everyone should have an equal chance to make the most of their skills". We do believe that Europe too and the teaching communities across it, need also to take advantage of every brain available in all our 27 countries starting with the current Erasmus+ Programme 2014/20.



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