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Migrating Art Academies. DISPLACE
Date du début: 1 mai 2013,

Migrating Art Academies (MigAA) is a platform for innovation and exchange in arts, teaching and research. It is a network of universities and NGOs across Europe (including Finland, Norway, France, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, UK and other countries). The model uses the concept of migration – of resources, people, competencies, disciplines – as a method of producing knowledge which aspires to expand traditional artistic and educational systems.This new project MigAA.D aims to test and develop these impacts further exploring the concepts of space, place and location. A key factor in MigAA.D will be the involvement of non-academic partners and the impact on teaching and research this enables – expanding artists’ agency and exploring our understanding of artistic practice and research.MigAA.D aims to organise a series of collaborative laboratories across Europe, each involving participants from different countries. These laboratories are used as intermediary platforms to trigger artistic creation, to connect emerging artists with real-life situations, and develop a sensory awareness of location. They serve multiple objectives:- to expand educational systems and create innovative pedagogical methods while sharing transnational knowledge;- to engage emerging artists in collaborative artistic research within intercultural environment;- to evaluate and reflect the aesthetic and social quality of the art making processes at international level;- to build on partners' interdisciplinary expertise;- to investigate and activate location through artistic practice.Academic institutions will gain new understanding of societal impact and a real connection with non-academic art practice and emergent forms of artistic agency. This will enable them to develop their programs accordingly. For non-academic institutions involved the benefits include acquiring new relevance for their work and benefiting from the research done in the academic context.



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