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Date du début: 1 oct. 2016, Date de fin: 31 mars 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Duration : From the 20th of the 27th of November 2016Location : BEC ROND / EEDF Centre Forestier du Bec Rond / 38 bis rue de Normandie / 35235 THORIGNE-FOUILLARD, an accomodation center for scouts, in the forest next to Rennes. partners: CCIVS, Javaa, Elix, Viaje a la sostenibilidad, The Starry Start of Talents FoudationLocal partners: l'Age de la Tortue, Langophonie, la Cimade, les Eclaireurs de FranceNumber of participants : 20 participants + 3 trainers : 4 participants from each partner. Profile of participants : youth workers used to work with groups of adults and children in the field of migration and who want to learn some artistic educational activities. Or youth workers into art, who want to add the theme of migration to their practices.They need to be interested in both subjects and willing to improve their methods. We would like also the participants to be involved in their organizations so that they can spread what they have learned during the training.Language : EnglishBackground of the project : Concordia is an organization of non-formal education which promotes intercultural exchanges. Our traditional activity is the international workcamps, with peace for general aim. Concordia is part of the Raising Peace Campaign of CCIVS.Description: during this training course, there will be some reflexion activities about the different migration aspects (international solidarity, illegal migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, foreigners issues, interculturality, citizen participation, commitment), followed by the creation of artistic activities to be used as educational tools. Some of these activities will be specially developped to be presented during the festival Migrant'scene. Migrant'scene is a militant festival that get together the fields of solidarity, art, culture and non-formal education, by proposing art exhibitions, documentaries, debates, educational activities … It is organized by La Cimade during 2 weeks, and takes place in about 50 cities in France. We will participate to the activities of the festival in Rennes and as well be part of the program with our created tools.Objectives of the project :- Exchange, debate, think through the migration issues ;- Facilitate critical thinking, especially towards the impact of the medias in the understanding of this topic ;- Improve and develop theoritical skills and basic methods to implement new projects ;- Create new tools (animations, games, artistic creations, participatives workshops...) in order to use the knowledges learned during the training and facilitate the further awareness raising in their own organisations ;- Propose these tools during the Festival Migrant'sceneActivities :As indicated in the enclosed planning, the training will start by some presentation and welcoming games to create a group dynamic, get to know the place and understand the training objectives and planning. Then, on Monday afternoon, we will work on the technical tools necessary to get the expected results (definitions, project methodology…).From Tuesday to Thursday morning, the trainers and the local partners will give tools to understand the topic on a reflective, philosophical and political aspects by playing educational games and using debate methods. After each subject, the participants will take a personal time to 'digest' their learnings.From those learnings, the participants will, from Thurday to Saturday morning, get to create some artistic educational tools about the topics. They will work by groups. Each group will use one different artistic medium : video / mural painting / live arts / and others depending on the participants.On Saturday they will present there activities during the festival Migrant'scene.To end the training, Sunday will be a evaluation day, about their activities (by creating the tool kit), and then about the training.Methodology : we use the methods of non-formal education, as part of an active and participative pedagogy : workshops, division of participants in small, big and mixed groups, sharing experiences and knowledges, debates, participative evaluations …We ask the participants to constitute a group in every country to prepare the training. Then they are active during the week of the training by directly implementing their knowledges and go home with concrete tools to spread the final outcomes.Impact:- Professional practices improvements in the fields of migration, art and interculturality, for the organisations and their publics.- Concstitution of a european youthworkers network - Participants mind-opening



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