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Microwave Nanotechnology for Semiconductor and Life Sciences (NANOMICROWAVE)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2013, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Current applications of microwave technologies in communications, remote sensing and in industry are based on the properties of the interaction of microwaves with matter at supra-wave length scales (above centimetres). The developments performed in Nanotechnology in recent years makes now conceivable to explore the interaction of microwaves with matter at much smaller scales, from micrometres to nanometres. At these sub-wave length scales it is expected that fascinating new physical phenomena may appear, which will give rise to new applications of microwave technologies with high added value, in particular, in field such as nano-electronics, nano-spintronics, nanobiology and nano-medicine. Being an emerging technology there is a need for training early stage researchers in this field of research so that enough critical mass can be achieved. The main objective of this network is to train a whole generation of researchers in the field of nanoscale microwave technologies and related emerging applications in the fields of semiconductor industry and life sciences. The researchers of the network will acquire a state of the art multidisciplinary scientific training in this field of research, covering from basic science to industrial applications, thus enabling them to generate new knowledge with high impact. In addition, they will receive a practical training on transferable skills in order to increase their employability perspectives and to qualify them to access to responsibility job positions in the private and public sector. The final aim of the network is to help Europe to position and consolidate in a leading position in the field of nanoscale microwave technologies and related applications.



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