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Microtubule dynamics and neuronal cargo trafficking during dendrite to axon switching (MTsAxonRegeneration)
Date du début: 11 mars 2013, Date de fin: 10 mars 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Neurons are highly polarized cells, possessing two distinct types of processes, dendrites and a single axon. In cultured mammalian neurons, axons have uniform polarity microtubules (MTs) with plus ends distal to the cell body, while dendrites have mixed polarity with about half plus-end-out and half minus-end-out MTs. Several studies suggest that neurons have a tremendous capacity for axon regeneration, even in response to total axon removal they can convert a dendrite to a regenerating axon. This process of regenerating does seem to be accompanied by changing the MT cytoskeleton from the dendritic polarity to the axonal one. Various signaling molecules are implicated in the early events of neuronal polarization, but little is known about regulation of MT polarity orientation during these initial stages and in processes involves in rebuilding the entire neuronal MT cytoskeleton.The purpose of this project is trying to understand the mechanism underlying the rearranged of MT dynamics and polarity after axon removal in hippocampal neurons. First, we will describe this re-polarization and MT dynamics during axonal regeneration, and then we will deepen in how microtubule-associated proteins +TIPs, motor proteins, like dynein, and Rho-GTPase proteins could regulate this process.