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MHeL Millennium Hospital E-Learning

Future development of skills needs and supply is at the top of the EU policy agenda. Though Continuous Medical Education (CME) is a priority for innovation, inclusive growth and jobs (EU action in health 2014-2020), it is often unregulated: qualifications are mainly recognized through case-by-case assessment by national authorities. eHealth - reducing market fragmentation through benchmarking, standardisation and certification - is one of the 6 European Innovation Partnerships of the flagship initiatives Digital Agenda and Innovation Europe. The MHeL project fosters synergies between professional associations, training providers, certification bodies and ICT developers to adapt in Italy, the European CME in minimal invasive surgery, and furthermore innovation, quality standards and solutions developed in 2 eHealth European best practices. Thus, transferring them in an open learning environment which embeds the Serious Games’ experience based and learner centred methodology, EU shared quality criteria and resources for the delivery of eLearning content in CME. The results will be integrated in a blended training path built on modules, competencies and learning outcomes, according to the UEMS’ standards; beneficiaries will get a dual certification providing recognised credits in both Italy and Europe. Their competencies will be recognisable, aligned to EU skills and labour-market demands, and better transferable in European health systems, further impacting on the harmonization of the Italian ECM (still based on learning inputs) to EU standards, awaiting a future shared EU framework. The eHealth technological framework, quality standards and resources, and the guidelines for their exploitation in Italy will be first tested in modules delivered by partners, then broadly transferred to the minimal invasive surgery sector on a modular base by Italian VET providers and professional associations.



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