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MFR active network and European mobility : another way to success
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The MFR (Maisons familiales rurales) alternative pedagogic education is a type of mobility in itself. International experiences attend it a new measure which will improve the participants idea of civic aspects and their employability on labour market. Since the 1st contact, the trainees are avised that mobility is a condition to begin a course. Regarding to its own experience, sustained for 3 latest years, on Leonardo Programm, the CFP Le Verger has increased this year its influence power. The previous mobilities’s benefits related by participants has led 32 new entities to join the work group this year. The 6 members consortium proposed project is the collective mobilisation and educative ambition’s reflect of the MFR network, which is bringing its efficiency to participant’s training and education, in order to complete success in their professional and social insertion. Mobility and the citizenship apprenticeship are the main educational aims fixed by National Union. The MFR members of the consortium have definitely written the mobility in their establishment project. They are all convinced that it allows trainees opening themselves onto new social professional realities, and reinforces their skills and qualification to contribute to a more successful labour market integration, by a relational and language competence as a key success. It concerns young people in initial training, professional adult trainees who lead to an official qualification, young people who hold a qualification since less than one year who are followed by Local Missions or Employment Agency, and staff of structures that make the consortium. So, the present program based on a true willing to a going-further action takes place for two years, contains fourteen mobility flows, representing two hundred sixty-two persons who will make mobilities going from two weeks to four months in United Kingdom and Finland. The differences of duration are understandable by different training levels, levels five leaving for two weeks, levels four leaving for three weeks and young graduates leaving for four months. Every Beneficiary public is mostly situated in a geographical region disadvantaged from the point of view of employment, counting more than ten percent of unemployed persons with a twenty-four-per-cent spectacular increase of unemployed people noticed over two years. Its characteristics are being in a certain social and financial poverty suffering from narrow-minded behaviour and from fear of leaving the close rural environment. These familial and personal difficulties bring us in a very closed support for young people groups and adult trainers. This systemic function of the pedagogic team is a component of the specific MFR pedagogy. Concerning young graduates and structures staff, they are intend to make an individual mobility, they are led to gain in self confidence and helping themselves. However, forty-six per cent of vacant positions are situated in business, transports and services, the rest is linked to seasonal agricultural and touristic activities. (source : territorial diagnosis - House of the Employment of Saumur - January 2014). Enriched with past experiences and international partnerships, the consortiums develops a range of opportunities to every one of its members.



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