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Mezigenerační učení vedoucích mládeže
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 30 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Intergenerational Learning of Youth Leaders" is focused on strengthening of the succession, leadership and lector skills through sharing experience by older experienced teachers and leaders to the younger generation. Bearers of the project idea is GN – Galénův nadační fond (GN - Galen's endowment fund), which is focused on training and supporting of national exchanges of experiences since 2005. It follows on from the reference from 1965, when its founder Jan Šimáně actively spreads the idea of friendship of sundry people. As a result, we have identified the problem which recurs in many organizations and which destabilizes their activities. This problem called unpreparedness for generational change of s leaders in organization, associations and informal groupings. It often leads to a significant reduction of their activity and sometimes to threat of extinction. We often meet with this model of solution: old leaders or founders of the association completely leave with his valuable experience and "club memory" and young will take over leadership of the association. Laboriously re-experiencing what the organization already has experienced and the original leaders have been forgotten. The solution is to organize a series of cross-border Czech-Slovak education of leaders because it will allow him to invite highly experienced leaders of the older generation - the wearer of high levels of “Birch leaf” (awards and recognition for youth work and forming collectives), at the same time to invite a representative of the young generation of the two countries and start (under the guidance of experienced lecturers in the field of communication) path to search for the model of functioning of youth organizations. This will allow the adequate participation in the management of cross all generations of leaders. Activities of the project consist of organizing of four international meetings in two years. Here will incur a fixed communication links between thirty participants and stable network for sharing experience, there it will create a collection of best practices there and there will be trained active young people who will be ready to spread the idea of intergeneration synergy and legacy to our predecessors further across the organization, that this didn't cyclically repeat the same mistakes. On the other side the project will motivate youth for the deeper interest in the national and European youth policy, which should follow the real needs of youth, not the will officers. The project will enable participation in training and exchange of experiences to very experienced leaders, who, because of his age, his reduced mobility and financial demands of the actions, unable to attend the event and fulfill the important European topicn which is inter-generational learning as an indispensable component of informal education. Learning outcomes and consultations will spread in the form of seminars and presentations on mutual exchanges of experience, evaluation meetings called "Quo Vadis?", reports on the website and methodical consultations to other organizations that are involved in a wide movement of friendship of sundry people and awarding badges of “Birch leaves” through both republic - the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.



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