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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project ; under the General Directorate of Vocational and Technical Education , hospitality and tourism industry looking to train personnel of the Hotel and Tourism Vocational High School 10 and 11 Grade students from Italy and Germany include job training . The project in Erzincan Hürriyet Vocational and Technical High School center that education coordinator at the fountain Perşembe, Sarıkamış , Altınkum , Zigana and Bartın Amasra Vocational and Technical High School title Source and has been prepared with the participation of tourism . Students are studying in our schools during the year included in the curriculum topics in theoretical and practical workshops have been committing . This training after skills training ( Internship ) in business doing professional knowledge , skills, attitudes and behaviors to develop their business life harmony, the actual production and service environment to grow and in schools, non- plant , tools recognition provided it is targeted to . In this context, Hospitality and Catering sector projects in Europe with our students to have knowledge about the functioning of the European dimension of this experience and are intended to be . In addition to professional skills of our students in our schools Given the essential needs of the tourism sector which declined after the removal of foreign languages preparatory classes and had problems in this regard is obvious. This also hold for our graduates and career planning in the sector makes it difficult to carry . With this project, the students practice their foreign language skills and foreign language requirement by assimilating advance ; professional practice and development of information , knowledge and experience about the culture of the EU has aimed to develop . Of beneficiaries in the EU would be able to compete with its peers, a vision and a are expected to develop their self-confidence . In a project priority objective ; Erasmus + Program Objectives part in the field , the European labor market development especially in the context of young people basic vocational training after completing all levels of skill and talent to increase , consequently employment and vocational integration is to facilitate . In this regard, by the partner institutions abroad at the end of this project will be successful employment of a project infrastructure is ready . With this project, our students' skills and abilities , improving the quality of vocational training , to ensure continuity ; professional aspects in the process of Turkey's EU integration with the EU member states with the aim of ensuring that the project is proposed . 9 Five-year development plan in the development of vocational and technical education and vocational training and support of our project is a priority at the national level . In the project , Accommodation, Food & Drink , Entertainment Services and Travel Agencies in section students will benefit from studying . A total of 42 students and accompany them to the project covers six teachers . Each school teacher with 7 students in our project will include Companion . In our project , educated in our schools and from low-income families and intermediate staff in the industry in an effort to place our students who will be selected. The selection of beneficiaries will participate in our project , so that will be made mainly of girls . The reason for this girl at the entrance to the High School students do not prefer very little of our school , is scheduled to be avoided with the idea . This approach to hospitality and tourism in the region in order to increase the attractiveness of vocational schools is the selection criteria . Our project began in June 2016 of schools of skills training for 13 weeks in Germany 26 and Italy 16 students will be done with the mobility . 3 from 3 different institutions mobility in Germany2 and İtaly would be 1 accompanying teacher contry.Total accompanying teachers are 3 Students in the hotel and gastronomy business skills training 5 days a week will make a total of 40 hours .



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