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Mesleki Eğitimde İş Güvenliği ve İlk Yardım Uygulamaları
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 1 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project comprises Karaman Provincial Directorate of National Education, Karaman Technical and Vocational High School(KTVHS) and Karaman Anatolian High School for Health(KAHSH).Within the last years especially in vocational high schools, the number of accidents and injuries is increasing at practical courses in workshops. In interviews with consortium partners,approaching the job security and first aid at workshops and observing demands of different implementations come into prominence.Sometimes it can occur accidents during practical courses. For instance in Electicity Department at KTVHS a small explosion, without any injuries, occurred last year. During the education year accidents like this can be seen. This shows us that we must work on the topic of precautions need to be taken before hand should be practiced. Within the last years there are many deaths because of increasing accidents at vocational high schools in our country. As a result it is obvious that we couldn’t reach the European level.Especially at workshops in which there are running machines, students don’t take care of needed“preventive precautions”enough and although precautions are taken by school management accidents are still happening. At some vocational high schools in our country a few students were electrocuted and died and a few students were disabled by grabbing their organ to running machines which made us discuss the job security at vocational high schools. Two students’ death by electrocuting at vocational high school in Sakarya and Samsun and last year a student’s death at Bafra Vocational High School as a result of being stacked into a garbage container made us educate intern students about job security which is always discussed intensively.As it is stated in the technical and vocational educational regulations in the 198. clause; it is required that the qualified instructor or trainers are responsible for taking the necessary precautions at the work. Intern students should be acknowledged about management facilties and working conditions and protected about job security and needed informations during the work time. With the help of the mobility project,learners and teachers will be aware of the“Job Security and First Aid Implemetation” and the participants will be more professional. Sharing the teachers' and students' ideas and experiences on the job security with their colleagues is aimed by monitoring the school and works at the same time the knowledge and skill alliances.With the mobility of the project, it is planned to have 3 weeks apprenticeship. The participants will be chosen from KTVHS; in the Wooden Furniture Department 4 students,Metal Work Department 4 students, Electricity and Electronics Department 4 students;also from KAHSH 12 students in the department of Emergency Medical Technicians, totally 24 students and 2 teachers-managers from both schools.With this project the students from KTVHS will have chance to have 90 hours of internship that obligatory time is 300 hours and the students from KAHSH will have chance to have 60 hours internship that obligatory time is 160 hours.The reason of 60 hours training course for Emergency Medical Technicians,whereas it is 90 hours for KTEML, is to allow them to have more practical courses where they have to take at their schools. The reason of choosing the Host Instuition in Germany is its competence at this area. As follows; During 2004-2013 WBS is active as a hosting institution in the scope of the Lifelong Learning Programme – Leonardo da Vinci mobilities. By the year 2014 it is keeping up its business through accumulation of knowledge coming from past. Over the years the WBS has completed about 90 mobility projects as a host organization successfuly. The working area of WBS is; web design, AutoCAD, PLC programming and renewable energies.Other training project topics are the German education system, Business Start-up and First Aid. Furthermore, WBS organizes internship placements in the field of engineering, tourism,gastronomy and health care. Besides vocational trainings WBS can offer German and English language training. Most of the mobility projects were hosted by the WBS branch office Dresden Nord. The European project team in Dresden has acquired a high level of expertise in mobility project implementation and has good contacts to suppliers of accommodation and catering as well as to cultural institutions in the region. In health and social care, WBS offers trainings in the following fields: health care assistance, attendance for dementia patients, health care management and bookkeeping,job security,job illnesses,quality management in health and social care institutions,ICT and computer expertness. Besides “Dual German System” is the most developed and successful system when we compare it with examples in Europe. WBS implements this system successfuly.



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