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Meslek liselerinde öğrenci devamsızlığını ve erken okul terkini önlemeye yönelik okul kültürü ve okul iklimi oluşturmada yeni yaklaşımlar (Öğrenen öğretmen)
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The major problem in Vocational and Technical High Schools across the country is,student absenteeism and dropout problem.It is also the biggest problem in our school,which is absenteeism and High School dropout.Although our school is in its 3. educational year,the number of students who left their education with their requests or who were forced to leave the school because of their dropout or absenteeism,has reached to 450 students. One of the important conditions to benefit from the demographic window of opportunity opened in front of Turkey, the youth participate in the labor force in national and international labor market that they have the necessary skills for employment which is needed.Our 450 students who did not attend school,unable to participate effectively in social life and could not benefit enough from employment. In this respect, our school has homework to do as soon as possible. Among these, improving the quality of life of our school, raising the academic achievement of students via developing the school culture and school climate,is to prevent the reduction of absenteeism and dropout.Teachers,who follow the developments in the world and in their vacational field,who survey constantly, who share their knowledge, create a significant impact on the academic success of students.For this reason,there are tasks for the teachers and administrators who work in our school to form the suitable school culture, conditions and climate and to prevent the school absenteeism.In order to fulfill this task,it will bring good results to take benefits from the OECD countries’ educational models which are in the upper row on the measurement and evaluation area. Our School’s "one of the most important goals in the 2015-2019 Strategic Plan is to reduce school absenteeism and dropout rates.According to the data PISA(2012)which is in a very good condition located in EU countries in the measurement and evaluation issue,to visit our partner public schools in Belgium to observe their theorical and practical applications,take the necessary education and apply it in our school and give EU dimension to the knowledge of our staff is our first priority. As a result of this plan we can render the good applications to our country with the help of the topics;the non-attendance of teachers and executives who give education ,the culture of the school and the applications that establish the situation of the school by witnessing on-site.To achieve the targets of our project it is planned to go to Belgium with totaly 16 teachers. 16 of these teachers will get education in Belgium institutions that is named ''the method and technics of education strategies'' consists the acqusition of maths,science and basic language skills and the study of the styles of class management.In addition,we utilize the experience of our European colleagues ,contact to each other and meet schools on-site.Our project copartner eekhoutcentrum was established by the help of the initiative of pedagogues in 1974 in order to support the matters like in-service education,personal development ,innovation to trade world and educators.The institution ın 2015 celebrating its 40th year is a center to give national and international education to schools and their headmasters,teachers,educationalists,school executives and trade world.In national level Eekhoutcentrum in previous year order courses to 26,535 participants and operate as a communication center in education and being professional for trade world,schools,vocational education centers ,public centers ,educational guidance,organizations. Mobility and cooperation activities to European countries make us deal firstly absenteeism of our students and early school give up in our school.With the help of this project we make people focus on our 15-19 aged youngs reached to the highest level in OECD who are also neither student nor employee.The teachers increasing their interest about the subject will be closely involved with it,they will be available to improve their professional competence and innovation.With European mobility they learn new teaching methods and techniques ,improve professional knowledge and experience ,investigate international professional standards on-site,show necessary improvement.Teachers in the project who participate in study abroad will be gides in the prevention of non-attendance and early school leaving.This interaction will also mobilize our other teachers ,they will benefit from the experience of our teachers involved in the project and will be trying to resolve problems with a domino effect.



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