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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project we are introducing is a strategic transnational Association, directed to develop the interpretation of two big musicians’ operas such as Händel and Mozart in the education and youth field. Project aims are the concerts that will take place in both countries, both in Italy and in Spain during two consecutive years, in different periods and studying these authors. It promotes the innovation, the experiences’ and abilities’ interchange between different kinds of organizations involved in education and youth. The Concert is the basis for the project and it is created in order to give the educational community (pupils, teachers and parents) the opportunity to discover the different European composers. Its aim is to promote experiences we are less familiar to, encouraging the music. The project is based on the idea of the Mesías Participativo that has become popular and has made possible the participation of choruses and amateur singers in the interpretation of these great operas that are a part of the history of the music. This project is a part of the centre curriculum. In 2014-2015 academic course five pieces of Händel’s Mesias have been represented in the Aula Magna of the Institute, with extreme precision and it has been completed by the School Community: amateur teachers, pupils and parents who tried hard to reach the same goal. The curriculum is innovative and we pretend to study the two authors’operas in order to show it to the city and in order to cross the frontier. Both institutes will encourage pupils, teachers and parents to participate and to visit the partner State; the School Community’s intercultural abilities will also be improved and they will affect positively schools’ everyday life. First of all, thanks to the study of the composers, a new interest for music will be aroused; then, the concert will take place in another European country, increasing the interest in another country and culture. In this way the partner country’s life and school attendance knowledge will be improved. Teachers will improve their knowledge about the partner country’s school system; they will improve their ability to work in interdisciplinary teams and they will improve their linguistic ability in Italian. Pupils will be motivated to learn Italian. Their social ability and their ability to work in teams will be increased. Lots of them will have the opportunity to travel abroad. Lots of them won’t do this without this opportunity because they are pupils with low incomes or young people with a poor situation. Some of them are immigrants and others come from ethnic minorities such as gypsies, who leave school prematurely and have low economic profits. We can observe that they are motivated to participate in this kind of projects and in this way the school attendance could be higher. The project supports the participation and the inclusion of young people with less opportunities. In order to develop the project, we will count on the collaboration of cultural and musical spreading organizations (San Vicente Orchestra, Vinalopó Chorus and the cultural and educational area of the Alicante town Council), the Alicante CEFIRE that will structure the training for the vocal technique work and preparation of the selected choral parts, and other city’s schools. The aim is to increase the participation, involving all the Alicante educational communities: parents, teachers and pupils. Nevertheless only a part of them (pupils and teachers of the schools that develop the project) can participate to the mobility. New TI support platforms will be enabled, such as eTwining, the electronic platform for adult learning (EPALE) and Youth European Portal, that offer spaces, databases and opportunities of virtual collaboration, exercises communities and other online services for teachers, trainers and professionals of the school area and of young people education, in the Europe Youth sphere and outside of it. The activities that we have to realize are based in: 1. Coordination between centers, information to the educational community and voices’ selection. 2. Professional training courses: vocal technique and pieces preparation. 3. Support to the musical department in educational centers. 4. Final concert “Mesías Educativo” Method: this project focuses on the teaching method based on the participative learning. The pupil is the main protagonist of the training process. He has to face the knowledge and concepts’ developing or acquisition, as well as its comprehension, value and judgment. A series of technical-vocal exercises will be developed, in order to improve breathing control abilities and necessary vocalization techniques through the repetition and the correct comprehension, in order to deal with the learning of the different choral parts. The idea is to consolidate a long term experience, extending the selection until succeeding in singing the entire opera and then studying others.



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