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Date du début: 1 déc. 2012,

"MentoREvolution" is a training course about mentorship in the context of EVS projects. As youth organizations need to engage more in the fight against social exclusion, EVS is one of the best tools to approach this problem. Still, ensuring appropriate mentorship for volunteers which, for one reason or another, find themselves in such a situation can be sometimes a not so easy task as proper integration of the volunteers in the community may require some special skills from the responsible from the coordinating organization. Aware of these realities, we have decided to initiate a training course on developing the skills of EVS mentors, especially the ones involved with young people facing the risk of exclusion.The course aims at developing the participants' skills/abilities on: communication, increasing self-esteem , gaining the trust of the volunteers, problem solving, motivation of the volunteer, challenges of cultural diversity by using non-formal methods of education.Also, an online tool that mentors in all organizations will use in order to exchange good practices and to support each other in different situations that they may be facing will be created.The training course will take place in Arad, Romania and will have a duration of 10 days excluding travel days, the countries involved are Bulgaria, Poland, Greece, Italy, FYROM, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Rusia, Malta, Turkey and Romania, summarizing a total of 39 participants including facilitators, stuff and trainers.The project promotes exchanges, cooperation and training in the field of youth work contributes to a better quality EVS service offered by organizations involved.



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