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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

#Mémoire(s) is a 2015-2018 Erasmus + school to school strategic partnership between six European schools including Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Italy and Portugal. The goal of the project is to sensitize 12-18 year old pupils to the issue of memorial questions, make them tell about their past, assert their European identity, sharpen their critical skills and share a common future. With this in mind, the project offers pedagogical activities which mainly focus on the discovery of individual memory (intergenerational inheritance?) leading to more challenging questions about collective memory (European legacy and inheritance). Each activity leads to the production of pedagogical material made by the pupils themselves. The project also allows the development of a common set of basic and transversal skills such as the practice of French (language used in the project) and of the other languages of the partnership; the development of entrepreneurial spirit ; autonomy and initiative (project-oriented teaching, responsible involvement of the pupils in various tasks/ activities, work experience in firms) along with mastering common information and communication technologies (Multimedia productions, virtual classrooms). Moreover #Mémoire(s) is a source of innovative practices for teachers through the setting up of a support unit of new ideas along with pedagogical experiment. So as to carry out the project, the schools' mission also consists in developing their network by leaning on local stakeholders' and other relevant professionals' expertise.( companies, communities...) Six transnational meetings have been planned so as to ensure the proper management of the project, the implementation of learning activities in close relation with the school's and the host country's specificity as well as a cultural immersion with a family for the pupils involved. The final production consists in the development of a European platform of pooling and sharing open educational resources , a single access to the various learning materials produced during the project and to any other educational resource produced in Europe. This databank pursues the idea of inheritance, of 'trace' in the existing European places of memory dedicated to education. In order to ensure its implementation and its promotion, the partnership uses tools made available by Europe (eTwinning, dissemination platforms, Europass). Finally, in the respect of a quality approach, regular assessment measures the impact of the project on the educational community, the pupils and the stakeholders.



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