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Mémoire interculturelle : du passé vers l’avenir
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Federation of Spanish Associations of Luxembourg ASBL (FAEL) gathers five Spanish associations present in the Grand-Duchy and has the aim to represent and to help developing platforms in relations with associations, centers and Spanish people in Luxembourg. FAEL assists, defends and promotes social, politic, economic, cultural, educative, sportive, and leisure affairs of the Spanish community through the organization of many activities. FAEL is member of the Maison des Associations ASBL, an organization made up of five associations representing five different immigrants' communities, with which it organizes inter-cultural and intergenerational projects. Since November 2014 the Federation manages its own cultural center: the Spanish Centre Lucien Wercollier, where the majority of the activities take place. One of the volunteers' main task will be to manage the Centre, as they will have an active role in scheduling, organizing and facilitating the activities. Sometimes, they could help in specific activities of the association’s member of the Federation. Moreover, they will take part to other projects, such as the “Cuisine du Monde” and “Memoria”. The Cuisine du Monde is a monthly intercultural project whose aim is to put in contact people from different countries by cooking and tasting traditional dishes. Under the “Memoria” project the volunteers will collect and archive proofs of the Spanish immigration in Luxembourg, such as documents, photos and posters. Moreover, the volunteers will be appointed of the communication tasks of the Federation: for instance, updating the web-page and the FAEL's profiles on social medias. Through the collaboration with the Maison des Associations, the volunteers may be involved in the organization of inter-generational ateliers, movies for elderly people, literary meetings and radio programs on immigration and intercultural issues.



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