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Date du début: 8 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 7 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The proposed plan is addressed in 20 oil producers and 20 apiarists from the region of Trifylia. Participants are members of producer groups or agricultural cooperatives and come from across the province Trifylia . It is in the process of developing their own business or continuing family business of which they are members. Emphasis in the draft given to traditional olive oil production and honey and how these can give value to these agricultural products in today's business environment. Also focus is on converting their small farms into visited agritourism businesses.The needs to be covered by the project are not as theoretical as practical, experiential, exploratory.They arise not from the targets set and enable the creation of products which will have the personal stamp of the producer and the region while meeting the hygiene and safety conditions in the final product production process. Also the acquisition of knowledge and experience required for the transformation of traditional agricultural farms in farms with a focus quality production of olive oil and honey.Participants no lack of knowledge deficit, for them, is the professional experience which will push themselves and the (family) enterprises which are members, diversify the product image and how disposal in order to make it attractive modeled on the Italian model as regards olive oil and the Slovak model concerning honey. Changing attitudes, a variation in the working environment, the European experience, improved techniques, the use of materials that highlight the product and do not generally degrade a training package that will improve and develop their professional skills beyond the narrow learning module object are the target of our project. The main objective is to act as' teachers and trainers "of their colleagues in rural cooperatives and producer groups which are members.Specific objectives of the project is to develop partnerships between our organization with local small industries producing agricultural products in these countries , cooperation with training providers who can offer opportunities "training" beyond the narrow learning objects, emphasizing the acquisition of experiences professional development and entrepreneurship. Also aim of the project is the dissemination of the experiences and knowledge they gain, maintain, those not selected to participate in mobility. Information and information to local communities the participants live and be developed business and the development of active European citizenship.Mobility will take place in two rows. The first row concerning olive growers will be held in central Italy, near the capital of Abruzzo Pescara Province. In Abruzzo province cultivated 50 000 hectares of olives. It is a very dynamic area with many olive mills and olive oil exports to many countries. As host organization was chosen to be the ELS based in Chieti. The second row for beekeepers will be held in Slovakia, in Nitra city, capital of homonym province. In the wider region of Nitra is located the honey production of Slovakia, while in the homonymous city there are important institutions of agricultural education both at secondary and university level. As host organization was chosen to be the SOŠ VETERINÁRNA NITRA.Μετάφραση Google για Επιχειρήσεις:Εργαλειοθήκη μεταφραστήΜεταφραστής ιστότοπουΕργαλείο αναζήτησης αγορών



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