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"Mejorar el Desarrollo de las Competencias Clave a través de la Innovación y la Inteligencia Emocional para el Desarrollo de Proyectos de Emprendimiento en la escuela"
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This is a project of cooperation for innovation and good practice, with an intervention in schools to promote entrepreneurship, emotional, cultural and social development, from imagination, creativity, initiative and personal autonomy. We work together as a cooperative, in a Company / Firm, formed by different branches in schools, each contributing their project, based on local craftsmanship, their experience and knowledge. Highlights: - The great importance of cooperation for entrepreneurship. As a way to be stronger, with a European dimension. - That we begin in primary schools, since all learning is best acquired from the earliest ages. - The act of innovating in practices of entrepreneurship, which means always thinking and daring with new ideas and ways of doing. - Work by micro projects, from individual ideas, to reach large communal ideas and joint projects. - The development of *learning to learn* with dynamic methodologies, in which students are the main actors in the education and training done. With performances adapted to their needs and interests. - The enhancing of language skills as a way of expressing ideas and feelings, listen and accept others, seek information and collect what interests us. - Enlist the cooperation of municipalities and companies in our localities that help us carry out the projects and disseminate local crafts. We believe the impact of this project in our schools, teachers, students, families and environment will be great, because it is a new, exciting project that seeks cooperation not only between partners, but also seeks to impact on the environment, city, region, country and Europe. We emphasize different factors that will have a big impact: - its social projection: Again schools, will have a pioneering role with performances in the neighbourhoods and location, involving students, as a possibility to acquire new skills for their future careers. - its community projection: it is important to note that there will not be individual performances, but rather we start from the simple to the more complicated actions and always with the advice and commitment of the other partners, ensuring cooperation between schools, with new ways of doing things. And it will serve as an exchange of ideas and knowledge about the other centers and their environments, communities and countries. - its commercial basis, that will raise awareness of institutions, industries, companies, establishments that will collaborate with the project. - Its cultural projection: entrepreneurship projects will always have an educational dimension, based on the culture, traditions, tastes (intrinsic and historical of each country) which in turn will be revalued to be disclosed to others. - By promoting *learning to learn*, as a way to open doors to new ideas, thoughts and ways of doing. To investigate, experiment, innovate, losing the fear of exposure to new proposals. - By promoting emotional intelligence, values and social skills, since childhood. Considering the emotional impact as a way of attracting students towards education and training with active methodologies, in which they feel like the protagonists and that they themselves involve families and other sectors of the neighborhood and town. - By enhancing cultural diversity and "European dimension" substantially improving future educational opportunities opening horizons and giving the opportunity of access to better jobs in the future, as entrepreneurs. The more knowledge they have on different aspects (ICTs, languages, information search, ...) the better prepared they will potentially be. - By promoting democratic participation through a critical spirit, solidarity and respect, and internationalization. - By promoting respect for diversity and integration with methodological dynamics that facilitate teamwork, based on cooperation, accepting the ideas of others, recognizing the different capacities and cultures. - By respecting coeducation as an essential factor of the XXI century, facilitating coexistence and understanding between students from different schools. In conclusion we´d like to say that we believe the development of entrepreneurship in the school promotes the future professional from the earliest ages, as a way of simultaneously encouraging active citizenship, displaying all actions towards families and the environment. "Education does not transform the world, but if changes people. And it is people who change the world. That's why it's latent the importance of things learned by men and women to evolve to create a better world" Paulo Freire.



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