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Meet in youth realities VI
Date du début: 15 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 14 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “Meet In Youth realities VI” with the total project period 15/7/2014 -15/7/2016, will include European voluntary service and Mobilty for Youth workers. The project will include 10 volunteers in EVS, which will be hosted by Eurodesk Mölndal and three different Youth centers in the City of Mölndal, Sweden in two periods as well as a study visit for youth workers and a job shadowing in two periods. The first Mobility for youth workers will include 5 Swedish youth workers from City of Mölndal on a 5 day- study visit to Droni Youth Association in Tblisi, Georgia in October 2014. And a 5-day study visit for Georgian youth workers from Droni to City of Mölndal, Sweden in April 2015. The second mobility for youth workers will include a 14-days job shadowing for a Swedish youth worker in Droni Youth Association, Tblisi Georgia in September 2015 and a 14-days job shadowing for a Georgian youth worker in the department for Youth and community work, City of Mölndal, Sweden in April 2016. The first EVS activity, will include regular as well as inclusion-EVS, and will be going from 6-12 months from September 2014-August 2015 and the volunteers involved will come from Spain, Italy, Turkey, Syria and Georgia. The second EVS activity will be going from 6-10 months from September 2015- July 2016 and the volunteers involved will come from Spain, Romania and Egypt. The project is aimed at European awareness and youth influence on different levels and in addition the extended partnerships and strengthened cooperation and exchanging of ideas and good practices, international youth work, information about the European possibilties for young people and their entrance into the labour market, improvements and further education for youth and youth workers within the international youth field. An additional objective is also to raise awareness about different cultures and grow tolerance toward people from different backgrounds and countries in order to create a better and more allowing climate at the youth centers and amongst young people in the society.



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