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Meet and help the community in Tarragona
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

With our project " Meet and help the community in Tarragona", which includes three different activities in the social field (the project at the Red Cross Host House in Tarragona) and environmental (activities to conserve natural spaces GEPEC EoC -Tarragona and SEO / Birdlife, Ebre Delta) we want to obtain positive and durable learning effects for our volunteers for the three host organizations we coordinate.Our project, " Meet and help the community in Tarragona " with the help of professionals working in each host entity has clear objectives for the integration of young European volunteers in social, cultural and environmental realities of Tarragona, Ebro Delta and Torredembara. For this project we are selecting 6 volunteers from 5 different European countries.Local communities of the province, both in Tarragona and around, through local partners and organizations that coordinate are used with the presence of European volunteers year after year for over a decade.This year we will try as every year to continue our work to bring young Europeans to our local community. European volunteers tend to interact in an active way with local youngsters giving visibility to the project and help cultivate the cultural dimension.We look for better linguistic, cultural and social understanding between young people from all over Europe. Another important objective is that young people without opportunities to travel and meet other people from nearby Tarragona can come to discover life away from their families better understand the problems of the environment, and people at risk of exclusion in Catalonia, while realizing that the same problems exist in their countries and around them can help improve existing situations with the experience gained during the EVS.With the proposed project we try to help participants through methods of non-formal learning experiences that influence their personal and professional development, contributing to their process of growing up in an intercultural context.



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