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Mediterraneo Express
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

MEX is a project based on the promotion of intercultural understanding, on the opening of spaces for dialogue between young people from different countries and initiatives relating to integration and social inclusion. The working place are: Rina Durante cultural center in Melendugno and the residential communities for unaccompanied minors asylum seekers in Pisignano. L'Arcobaleno will be supported by three volunteers from Lithuania, Russia and Spain. With them we will promote processes of intercultural dialogue, extend the range of activities involving young people and local community, implement the activities already planned with innovative tools such as informal and experiential-practical workshops, afterschool activities and social entertainment. Residential community for minors asylum seekers (Volunteers from Lithuania and Spain) MEX will involve two volunteers in the context of a housing community in which 12 minors live until they are 18 years old. The guests are beneficiaries of Programme of Protection for asylum seekers, regularly attend the Italian language school and are involved in various training and leisure time activities for their professional and social integration in the local context. Volunteers will have the task of supporting our staff in daily activities and implement activities with guests inside and outside the community. Rina Durante Cultural center (Volunteer from Russian Federation) MEX will involve the volunteer in Rina Durante cultural centre in terms of management of a cultural center and related services, such as the library and its programming, the info-point and the realization of cultural events for youth and citizenship. Its function will be to act as a connector between the activities carried out at the community centre in Pisignano and the activities in the cultural center, encouraging the participation of the guests through intercultural events. Project activities will start from 20th of November 2015 and last on 18th of November 2016, excluding travel days. The volunteers will work 6 days a week, 30 hours a week for up to 5 hours a day. They will have two days off per month for the duration of the project. The weekly timetable can be changed in ccordance with the staff. We are confident that the arrival of the volunteers at the community for minors in Pisignano will have a strong impact on our guests. The effort of the volunteers will be to organize workshops and events inside and outside of the community to facilitate our relations with the outside world. Also he engaged in the volunteer center Rina Durante will act as our guests to participate in the activities of the center and to promote initiatives. This will help to make our guests become aware of the cultural institutions of the territory and to put them in contact with open context different from the community. We also know that the presence of European volunteers at the Rina Durante cultural centre helps to increase the audience and differentiate offered services.



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