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Mediterranean cultural network to promote creativity in the arts, crafts and design for communities regeneration in historical cities (MEDNETA)
Date du début: 30 déc. 2013, Date de fin: 11 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project in brief Arts, Crafts and Design (ACDs) are traditionally rooted in trading and harbour cities of the Mediterranean area. Historically in these cities the production and sale of such goods were particularly vibrant and, besides inhabitants, concerned visitors came to shop for what they could not find in their place of residence. This commercial network kept alive and dynamic the crafts in Mediterranean cities for a long period of time, but the industrial revolution and then the globalization brought an end to it. The economy of the cities began to decline, and they could no longer compete with larger ports and more advanced economies. In the belief that the economic improvement and the urban liveliness should insist on the creative industries revitalization and on the valorization of traditional heritage, MEDNETA project aims to support creativity in ACDs (i.e. ceramics, goldsmiths, cloth, tapestry, fashion and jewellery) as a means for the regeneration of the communities inhabiting historical districts. The project activities will thus take place in five different Mediterranean cities including Athens (Greece), Florence (Italy), Valencia (Spain), the medina of Tunis (Tunisia), Beirut (Lebanon) and Hebron (Palestine) which have all been selected for the challenges faced by the creative sector based on their geographical context and level of economic development. Specific objectives • To raise the competitiveness of contemporary creative Arts, Crafts and Design (ACDs) to turn them into a leading economic actor in historical cities • To support the communities and creative economic activities which form the urban and social setting of historical cities Expected Results: • Sustainable urban strategies for the revitalization of historic cities established with focus on the regeneration of Arts, Crafts and Design sectors • 6 pilot projects implemented with benefits for about 10.000 private companies and commercial association in the 6 pilot cities • 10 pilot design products created and related funding schemes developed • Permanent economic cooperation and networking between pilot cities fostered in the ACDs sectors • Mediterranean ACDs virtual lab network established



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  • 2007 - 2013 Mediterranean Sea Basin ENPI CBC
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