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Medienpraktiken der Aufklärung
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2019 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Media-practices of the Enlightenment" combines study programmes and research clusters at the four partner sites. It follows a blended mobility strategy to develop new forms of international training that combine ICT elements with local and networkwide training activities with regard to future joint curricular accreditation.The thematic focus of the project takes on recent developments in Enlightenment research to understand the Enlightenment not so much as a fixed set of 18th century ideas but rather as an ongoing process of media-practices with the aim of public reason based critique and societal reforms. The European Republic of Letters of the Enlightenment developed medial formats from handwritten European newsletters like the "Correspondance Littéraire" and collective knowledge storages such as the "Encyclopédie" which can be seen as predecessors of current transnational medial forms and practices. The Enlightenment thus plays a crucial role in the establishment of a trans-national European public sphere with regards to ongoing debates and future developments.The partner-structure builds upon complementary competences in relevant aspects of the project with regard to archives, infrastructure and expertises e.g. in Digital Humanities and mirrors with academic and non-academic partners from France, Germany, and the Baltic states Latvia and Estonia a historical space of important cultural transfer processes. The project follows inter- and trans-disciplinary methods, methods from Digital Humanities, and approaches from transnational "entangled history" and cultural transfer research.At least 20 lecturers and 100 students will actively contribute to the training activities such as an Intensive Study Programme, internationally co-taught-Seminars, electronic lectures and courses, practice oriented participation in the production of exhibitions, data-bases, and digital libraries. Within the pilot project of an internationally supervised joint Master-Class a paradigm of future Joint MA-programmes is tested. Related to four Erasmus+ strategic priorities the measures of the programme will strengthen mobility of students and lecturers, develop new ICT-based teaching methods and internationalized curricula, and thus foster the excellence of study programmes and academic as well as non-academic employability.Intellectual Outputs such as a webplatform with integratet mooc-/moodle-system, exhibitions, web- and video-presentations, and a final book compendium will be disseminated via well-established platforms and networks of related non-academic institutions such as museums, libraries, and media companies. The dissemination strategy is grounded in the examination of transnational media-practices which will be used in the outreach activities of the project. The project thus proposes a sustainable contribution to ongoing public discussions on the European heritage of the Enlightenment.



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