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Date du début: 30 août 2015, Date de fin: 29 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Media4you(th) is a European Voluntary Service project promoted by the Croatian Association Udruga Gluhih Nova Gradiska in partnership with two European youth organizations: Accademia Europea di Firenze from Florence, Italy and Active Youth And Sport Club Association from Canakkale, Turkey. The project will last 18 months, hosting four volunteers, two from each sending NGO in Nova Gradiska, Croatia for a European voluntary Service of 8 months, expected from January to September. The project is developed in cooperation with two sending partners in order to continue our job and interventions in raising awareness about the importance of intercultural activities for young people and for our community, starting on the reflection about the situation that youth are facing in rural areas, with less chances to learn and find job opportunities; the main idea is to raise awareness about the multimedia tools for employment and the social netowrk and media promotion of youth initiatives in order to boost youth activation against the critic unemployment situation in Europe. According to this premises, the project objectives are the following: empower volunteers with knowledge transfer and learning by doing in the development of digital skills and multimedia production; raise awareness about the use of digital tools in several social domains, such as employment, active participation and inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities; gain job-related skills to be applied in several spheres like networking and cooperation on the territory, effective decision making, creative problem solving, adequate planning and scheduling, useful web communication, intercultural team work; promote Erasmus+ programme, focusing on European Voluntary Service as key experience at intercultural level but mainly as learning mobility practice to help self-development and pro-action to ensure a better approach in job finding and future learning opportunities. The main possible tasks of the volunteers, to be adjusted according to their learning needs and objectives, are the following: - workshop to promote active participation and inclusion of young people in the job market through multimedia communication with photography and video-making, aiming at the development of job-related skills. The possible activities in this field, organized by the volunteers with the support of the NGO staff, could be: PhotoVoice, video making for social media campaign, Facebook page of Erasmus+ projects, promotion of events and initiatives, social media management, LinkedIn and video CV knowledge and production.- supporting NGO events in implementation and web promotion of their initiatives to add an intercultural dimension to the proposed activities, such as Deaf day, Europe Day, Language day, crafting workshops and so on; - Supporting the preparation and implementation of Erasmus+ projects.This EVS project is based on non-formal learning methodology, peer learning by doing, supported by mentors and tutors which will ensure a very participatory approach and self-organization of competences developed. The innovative aspect is the high ICT dimension, in order to facilitate the learning process and the interaction within the organization, based on the idea of raising the involvement of UGNG as learning organization in the project and giving better chances of intercultural teamwork also with the deaf people, cracking the possible language barriers, thanks to the use of several media. This would capacitate in long term the beneficiary, the people involved in the project and the volunteers. Thanks to this digital techniques, we are going to contribute to the reduction of the digital divide and the promotion of new employment tools which will have a strong impact on the youth from rural regions and on the attitude related to the unemployment issues.



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