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Media społecznościowe i dobre praktyki w nauczaniu.
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project "Social Media and Good Practices in Education” Having discussed with teachers, students and parents issues concerning school development, equipment, curriculum, teaching methods and tools, we have identified two areas of teachers’ need for professional improvement. These are Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Good Practices in education. Thus, a motivated team from our school decided to prepare a project aiming at providing necessary courses. Main objectives of the project include: gaining theoretical and practical knowledge of use of social media, software and apps to improve the quality of lessons; learning about and comparing good practices in various schools in Finland; preparing to create long-term standing structures for innovative development and to introduce European dimension in the curriculum; learning about and comparing systems of school administration and management; finding international partners to cooperate with in future Erasmus plus KA 2 partnership projects. These objectives will be realised via our participation in two training courses organised by our partner - a training company Euneos from Finland. Full programmes of the courses include on-line tasks, workshops, presentations, classrooms observation and discussion. Each training course will be attended by 8 participants from our school: teachers of different subjects, psychologist, guidance counsellor and the head teacher. Participants will do post-course trainings for their colleagues, in particular for those in their subject-based team. We expect the training courses will facilitate introduction of new tools for lesson performance. Newly learnt and acquired methods firmly incorporated into the curriculum will ensure better progress of each student, especially by developing their key competences. We wish to avoid “technological exclusion” of teachers not fully following the rate of changes taking place in ICT. Participation in the courses will also be a great partner search opportunity for future KA2 partnerships and eTwinning activities thus introducing international dimension of our school.