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Media Literate. Digitally Skilled: Ready for Anti-discrimination Campaigning.
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Training course ‘Media Literate. Digitally Skilled: Ready for Anti-discrimination Campaigning’ is a single activity develop in close cooperation of Finish and Macedonian organizations addressing the need to fight discrimination and hate speech and contribute to creating more inclusive societies. Training course ‘Media Literate. Digitally Skilled: Ready for Anti-discrimination Campaigning’ is design in line with following objectives: a) To strength media literacy competencies of the participants and develop their skills to implemented activities developing media competencies amongst young people in participants countries to fight discrimination and hate speech; b) To increase participants understanding of media, the process of creating media messages with special focus to be pay to social media as one of the most popular communication channel of young people these days; c) To strength participants knowledge of sources of hate speech and discrimination and to support sharing good practices of combating it through advocacy campaigns based on various media tools; d) To develop participants competencies and ability to create advocacy campaigns carrying clear message and tackling actual issue in participants countries; e) To increase participants competencies (teamwork, leadership, communication, creativity) through participation in various non-formal based activities in intercultural settings; f) To raise participants intercultural competencies and awareness; g) To strength participants knowledge of Erasmus + Programme and its Key Action (especially Key Action 1 and 2) and to provide participants an opportunity to brainstorm and work on development new project ideas. The activity connects 12 organizations and 40 participants coming from Finland, Macedonia, Croatia, Turkey, Romania, Cyprus, Lithuania, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Spain and Poland with strong interest in the areas covered by the training course – media literacy, fighting discrimination and hate speech, empowering young people to take active role in creating more socially inclusive society. In the training course will be also directly involve group of young people with fewer opportunities coming from several countries. We consider direct involvement of these participants important as they belong to the groups facing discrimination and social exclusion and other challenges. Regarding the place and date training course is planned to be implemented in Struga, Republic of Macedonia from 12.9. to 19.9. 2015 (excluding travel days). In overall, the training course will be based on non-formal approach and involved experts will pay attention that set of various working methods is used in order to meet different learning styles of participants and meet their needs and expectations thus the training course will include discussions, team and individual challenges, practical work, interactive presentations, problem solving challenges etc. Moreover, on regular basis, evaluation and reflection activities will be included in the program with aim to provide the participants an opportunity to reflect on their learning process and development new competencies. To reach the project objectives the training course will be divided into several blocks. At the start the participants will take part in getting to know activities that will be implemented with aim to provide the participants to feel comfortable and safe in new environment. After the participants will take part in activities focus on increasing their media literacy skills and understanding of the roots and consequences of hate speech and discrimination. In this case the participants will participate especially in discussions, reflect on case studies, work in various teams or take part in interactive presentations. Other part of the training course will give the participants an opportunity to experience the process of creating advocacy campaign – during this part of the program the participants will work in a team on media product (video clip, photo story, comics) and idea for advocacy campaign fighting discrimination and hate speech in their communities. The last part of the program will be after dedicated to Erasmus + Programme and working on ideas for future projects that we are convencied will be develop after the training course together with new anti-discrimination campaigns.



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