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MEDART – Methods of Education for Disadvantaged Adults Rooted in Theatre
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project will be focused on creating of a methodical guide for education of socially disadvantaged adults by using theatre and dramatherapeutical approaches and techniques. We will find, create and use theatrical practices, techniques and methods, which will help to dramatically increase disadvantaged adults´ chances of getting a job.Throughout our ten year dramatherapeutical work with disadvantaged people we are hard up for methodological resources at both national and international levels, especially for those for work with groups consisting of persons with different or multiple forms of social disadvantage (homeless persons, homeless + disabled persons, homeless persons + disadvantaged youngsters).Non-formal and informal education of socially disadvantaged adults contained in dramatherapeutical work can be used for acquisition, extending, training and empowering of skills and competences, that can increase adult learners´ employability. Mostly we have in mind education in the field of social skills as self-knowledge and self-appraisal, self-esteem and self-confidence, communication skills, empathy and assertiveness, giving and receiving feedback, interpersonal, cooperation and conflict resolution skills, decision making and problem solving abilities, creativity using etc.The result of the project will be an open educational resource – a Methodical guide on a DVD medium, as well as in an online version (PDF file) disseminated by the e-platforms (e. g., (EPALE),,, social networks, partners organisations´ websites, eventually by allied websites.Methodical guide will be addressed to the teachers, educators, trainers, drama therapists, social workers, students, schools, universities, institutions, NGOs and to everyone, who is interested in the work with social disadvantaged people. The next result of the project will have a direct impact on disadvantaged people involved in the theatre activities and exercises - they will significantly increase their social and personal skills.The partnership is made up of 8 organisations. Divadlo bez domova, Teatr Grodzki, Društvo ProSoc, acta, AHA Theatre and Asociación Acunagua are experts in the field of drama therapeutical work with disadvantaged groups of people. CSC Danilo Dolci has a lot of expertise in the areas of non-formal and adult education and uses theatre as a tool for personal development. School of Social Work, which is a department in University of applied sciences in Rotterdam, is well experienced in connecting research, theory and methodology with social work and culture. Great range of partners with different socially disadvantaged target groups ensures a more comprehensive approach to creating an Intellectual output. Transnational character of this project will have a far-reaching and significant impact on dissemination of the project outputs at the European level.



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