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MechMob - Mechanical&Mechatronics Mobility
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Mechanics in Arezzo and Reggio Emilia represents a cross sector for all other major regional production specializations. Its most significant scopes are: mechanical and plant engineering (gold sector and Textile Clothing Footwear sector in particular in AR), engine design in RE, oil hydraulics, food packaging, agricultural mechanics, precision mechanics. It is a concentrate of highly specialized technical skills representing a strategic attractiveness factor of the territory. However, as we all know, world’s economy is experiencing a phase of recession (see CCIAA Economy Day 2014) and employment levels are critical especially for what concerns young people. In order to counter these effects, companies working in the mechanical field as well as economic stakeholders are implementing strategies to expand markets and exports, to accelerate of the processes of internalisation, to reduce costs also through the reorganization of their global supply networks. Hence originated the strategic nature of this project, aiming at providing 80 STUDENTS and 28 QUALIFIED / HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES with the opportunity to acquire and develop technical, professional, linguistic and intercultural skills. This will be possible through 30 days internships (for the former) and 90 days internships (for the others) within an international professional context. This experience will be crucial for the participants as their employability will be increased and, at the same time, it will represent one of the key factors for the revival of those companies interested in investing on their acquired expertise. The regional vocational education and training systems (IeFP) are undergoing a deep change: they are tying up relations with the economic and productive fabric and developing the system of Professional-Technical High Schools, according to a pattern that considers the seven years’ technical and vocational education particularly suitable for transnational experiences. In MECHMOB we have pursued this same pattern by involving all levels: from professionals schools, to technical schools, to ITS, enhancing skills usable also in the IFTS courses within the planned LO. MECHMOB was born within the new Professional-Technical School (PTS) Eureka, which is a technical and professional school headed by ITIS Galileo Galilei in Arezzo, specialising in the innovation of mechanical processes and products as well as in mechatronics. PTS Eureka was founded with the aim of creating a network between schools, universities, training agencies and businesses, in order to strengthen the alternation school / work and to make paths of professional qualification more effective, up to the apprenticeship experience. Eureka is the only mechanic PTS in South Tuscany. It is willing to develop relationships with other extra-regional organisations, in particular with the territory of Reggio Emilia, in order to GET KNOW HOW IN SECTORAL MOBILITY and to start a comparison of the school curricula as well as of the repertoires of vocational training. The EMILIA ROMAGNA REGION itself is particularly interested in the project. The schools shared the project objectives with companies, key actors in local economy and innovation consortia, thus originating the following main targets: - Internationalizing and STABILISING THE CONSORTIUM as stakeholder and innovator in the field of mechanics, in accordance with the EUROPEAN QUALITY CHARTER FOR MOBILITY - Increasing the quality of mobility both through the selection of the foreign partnership, that is the receiving partners, and through the implementation of organization processes that should include a compatible ECVET structure - IMPROVING THE STAFF’ SKILLS (working within the consortium’s members), so that everyone would be able to easily carry out the required tasks and responsibilities - Helping the young to develop PROFESSIONAL AND TECHNICAL SKILLS within international learning contexts, that is environments combining training with innovation and internationalization of production contexts - Turning those skills into Competence Units, which are recognizable as training and / or education credits, as provided by our regional and national systems, according to priorities for intervention that rely on TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS, ENERGY EFFICIENCY, ECO DESIGN, RAPID PROTOTYPING, IMPLEMENTATION OF LEAN PRODUCTION METHODS - Encouraging the development of key competences for lifelong learning, as well as language and soft skills that will help the young to face their future with greater determination and ability to succeed in a European labour market - Supporting YOUNG PEOPLE WITH FEWER OPPORTUNITIES and / or at risk of exclusion, so that the GROWTH of our territories may be INCLUSIVE, as stated in EU2020 The participants’ countries of destination are: Germany, Spain, Ireland, Netherlands, Malta, United Kingdom, Portugal.



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