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Meaning Of Values of Europe for YOUTH
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 29 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Youth exchange Meaning Of Values of Europe for YOUTH is a 11-day project which brings together young people from four countries: Poland, Turkey, Italy and Croatia, which took place in Ustron, between 21.11.2015-01.12.2015 The main objective of the project is to prepare and conduct a model youth exchange, with making sure its unrivaled quality, with the active participation of participants at all stages of the project and involving the local community in as many activities. Also formulated additional goals, which are: - Raising awareness of young people, including participants in the exchange and local communities on European values, their meanings and perceptions in different cultures - Active participation and inclusion of young people in activities related to the local community, with particular focus on people at risk of social exclusion and fewer opportunities due to economic, geographical and social obstacles - Educate and increase competencies related to personal development through active participation of young people in the project activities - The possibility of a personal expression of each of the participants, due to the opportunities offered participation in an initiative presented. These objectives we want to accomplish with the participants within the framework of jointly planned activities. Each participant will have a chance to use their interests and skills through a wide range of activities offered in the exchange. The result of the exchange was the preparation, completion and proper registration (photo / video) artistic performance, which was prepared during the exchange. The subject of the show was linked with European values, but young people themselves during the first days of the exchange decided on a specific topic and the shape of the show. Additional results was also conducting workshops aimed at local community and (if possible) inclusion of community members in the implementation of the performance, which was involve joint workshops and rehersals As a result, young people implementing the project will know closer to the local environment.



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