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"ME SOM ROM"- problematika vključevanja Romov v okolje
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

There are still lots of prejudices when we mention minority of Roma and their incorporation in society. Lots of the people still look on Roma people with certain prejudices. And in our organization we want to break these taboos! Lots of young members of our organization want to change the way people look on Roma population. Together with our Roma members we came to idea, to make a project for young people to start thinking differently. Through the project “Me som Rom” , which means “I am Rom” we want to show the young people from Europe and other parts of world, the life of Roma population. We want to approach their lifestyle to participants. We want young people to start thinking differently, to break the old taboos about Roma life. We will also discus about Human rights of Roma people in our country and in other countries participants. We will have converstion about holocaust where lots of Roma people were killed, not only Jewish people. Our country is the perfect destination to show how Roma people have improved. With the way of thinking, way of life, education and what they have achieved. In our part of Slovenia there are several small communities of Roma. All of them are drastically different. The participant will be able to see their way of living, to get to know their culture from first hand. They will meet with educated, well-known Roma and hear their life stories. We will also visit Pušča, first Roma village in Slovenia, near Murska Sobota, and see how developed it is. They have first Slovenian Roma kindergarten, a fire station, a football club, and even their own museum of Rom history. We will, on the other hand, meet with Roma people who still live on the edge of poverty. We will discuss the prejudices about them. Later we will try to figure out as a team what we can do to break these prejudices. Participant will have to work as a team, they will have to come to conclusions. Through debate there will be several disagreement, but participants will have to learn how to work as one, as team. Through whole 10 days, the participants will meet with the culture of different nations and get to know the culture of Roma. We will have a short course of Roma language and their traditional dance. We will also have a unique Roma evening with their cooking specialties, accompanied by Roma music and, of course, their dance. We will prepare public debate about problem of Roma integration in environment. We will include 6 different non-government organizations from European countries that will participate in our project. We have chosen the most suitable partners for our partnership. From each country we will host 8 participant and 1 leader of group from each country. Age of participant will be from 16 to 30 years. 2 of participants from each country will be one female and one male with less opportunities, so Roms' young people and young people from social risk group can also involve in project and be part of it. So they will be able to travel, meet new cultures and countries and learn about topic in our exchange. Our goal is to inform more and more people also from other countries that it is the time to accept their way of life. That they are no different than other, and that we should respect their history and their culture as we respect cultures from other nationalities. They will bring their experience and new acquired knowledge to their countries and inform them about how Roma people live and to convince them that nothing is impossible. Where there is a will, there is also a way to achieve it!



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