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Me effective in action
Date du début: 6 févr. 2011,

The project ‴Me-effective in Action‴ is a feasibility visit in Poland for organisation from Georgia, Poland, Spain and Ukraine.This meeting will aim to improve and develop existing cooperation and refine methodology and financial side of internationaltraining course for young leaders.We want women to actively develop their civil potential and to perform the functions of leader more often. We are concernedalso about increasing the participation of young women in local government affairs that affect them. Such kind of civil activitymay depend on: work or support for the Youth Councils activities, build contacts with local self-government policy makers, thegeneral orientation in the European Union issues. We intend to organize professional training courses, seminare and prepareguidebook for female leaders.It is particularly important to address these issues for such kind of countries like Georgia and Ukraine, where dominatetraditional gender roles and the potential of women as leaders is often unrealized. Exchange of experience and speciallydesigned training program should help to stimulate the young female leader to action. Moreover this project intend to increasetheir confidence, competence and leadership skills.Before feasibility visit we will create special questionnaire which will be useful for understanding the needs of women workingin NGOs. Test results will be presented during the feasibility visit, which should to improve the quality of the training project. Animportant element of this meeting will be exchange of experiences of NGOs organizations from different parts of the world.The working methods include group meetings, discussion, presentation, brainstorming and consultations with specialists



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