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"Maths around us"
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Maths around us project was created by five schools from Poland, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Bulgaria and dedicated to Math as the Queen of science. Project is going to match maths, using English language and ICT. By solving tasks students are going to find out and learn about history, monuments, unique nature or games which are associated with the project countries because maths is around us in every aspect of our life. Project is for students between 13-15 years old who are eager to take part in a science adventure in international company. It consists of five stages and for each stage one school will be responsible but all will be involved in similar activities at their own schools and the same activities during the mutual school visits. So students will work on the project for three years working on the project step by step. Some of them will be guests and will take part in activities prepared by the host schools and then after coming back home will share their experiences with their peers and some of the students will work on activities at their own school. The first stage “Maths in cooking” will be conducted by Italian school because Italian are regarded as very good cooks and Italian products are delicious. Students will cope with cooking tasks from Math point of view: how to count measure or how to change them or what is tare. Students not only will be familiar with maths but also will learn about Italian cuisine, their products will consider the similarities and differences with their traditional cooking, become more tolerant and eager to get know new tests. For the second stage “Maths in vehicles” Bulgarian school will be responsible. Students will solve tasks connected with cars as Bulgarian city Lovech is famous from the factory of the vehicles and bicycles. The third stage “Maths in building” will prepare Turkish school. After it students will be familiar with maths in architecture which if a bit different from the European one. Polish school will be responsible for the fourth stage “Maths in nature” where pupils will get know about Polish town Ziębice, variety of nature in Kłodzka Valley from Maths point of view and will organize the photo exhibition of symmetry in nature. The last stage “Maths in games” will be prepared by Spanish school while students will familiarize with traditional games of the countries or game made up in the countries like Farmer in Poland which was designed by Polish mathematics and use the probability of calculus. During the project students will develop: -their science knowledge, language, social skills, ICT skills and become more open-minded, tolerant for culture of another countries. All materials will be uploaded on the Internet so people who are interested it our work will have the possibility to read or use when they need. After each stage we are going to prepare feedback which will help to work better on the next stage. We are sure working on this project will be the great science adventure for our students and for us teachers.


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