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Μαθητεία στην Ευρώπη - Traineeship in Europe
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The 2nd Evening Vocational Lyceum of Piraeus (2 ESP EPAL PEIRAIA) in an effort to provide its students with skills and competencies to meet the professional requirements of modern labor market, designed the proposed mobility project, called "Traineeship in Europe". Our aim is to improve our educational services and build a European identity for our students. The program consists of two mobilities: one for Ship Navigation Officers (Commercial Marine) and one for Pharmacist Assistants. Both will lead to a traineeship in organizations with broad experience in Vocational Training. Ten students and two accompanying teachers from the Ship Navigation Officers sector will attend a fortnight maritime training seminar, lead by the Naval Institute "Leone Acciaiuoli", located in Ortona, Italy.The main goal of this training program is, using new teaching methods, to give the students of the Naval Sector the opportunity to practice new skills and knowledge, using up-to-date equipment, in a prominent European Educational Organization. This high quality traineeship in their field of studies, will enhance the students’ spirit of cooperation in a European environment, and improve their language skills, to have yet another asset to meet the requirements of maritime professions.Furthermore, the cooperation with the Italian Naval Institute may be used in the future as a guide for similar projects and partnerships with other educational organizations.The second mobility is for ten Pharmacy Assistants students and two accompanying teachers, who, using the MAD for Europe organization services will visit for two weeks Madrid, Spain, to train and practice in pharmacies and pharmaceutical laboratories. Acquisition of better professional skills is crucial for these students, in order to reduce exclusion from the job market, and to gain better employment opportunities, since the majority of them comes from low income families. The mobility’s goal is again to offer students an opportunity for personal and professional development, for acquisition of multiple experience, knowledge and know-how, in order to broaden their horizons in the professional arena.The program’s particular objective is for our students to gain professional and educational experience in another European country, to improve their theoretical background, and acquire new skills, competences and expertise; to compare different approaches and practices in their field, in another European country, and therefore to have an insight as to what inter-cultural education means; to improve their Pharmacy Technician English vocabulary, and to communicate with people of a different culture.The selection of the hosting partner was made with great care and according to quality criteria, taking into consideration experience in conducting similar training projects, and providing internships in workplaces.The selection of participants will be made in a transparent manner with absolutely clear criteria.The host organization will assess the beneficiaries, and grant them with certificates (Europass mobility), monitoring their activities and their progress. This certification could be used to prove their qualification to any future employer.The project’s outcomes will be used to improve the quality of the educational services offered by the 2nd EPAL of Piraeus and will be spread widely, via multiple dissemination activities and events, within the school community and in a broader local, national and international level. These events will emphasize the Erasmus+ decisive contribution and funding, and the role of the National Agency (IKY) and the European Union.



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