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Materials for Teaching Together: Science and Mathematics Teachers collaborating for better results
Date du début: 1 oct. 2013,

Studies show a lack in students’ motivation to learn mathematics and science. This has several negative impacts:• Many fields in the world of work rely on an understanding of mathematics and/or science• Many decision-making processes in society, politics, economy, ecology etc. require a basic understanding ofscience and mathematics principles• Students who are less motivated to learn mathematics and science are less likely to become motivated teachersin these fields.Mathematics teachers often use science contexts in tasks, and science teachers often use mathematics, however they are usually working independently. Science context is often arbitrarily chosen, mathematics used with little regard towards learning. We will develop materials that are useful for both mathematics and science teachers that are designed to increase the competences in both subjects at the same time, allowing for interdisciplinary learning and for collaboration between mathematics and science teachers, ranging from common lesson planning to team teaching.Workplan:• collect ideas of national groups• teaming up in 2-partner-transnational workgroups for further development• getting feedback from teachers, teacher trainers and external experts to improve quality of materials• finalise materials• use materials in teacher training, in partner and team-up (non-partner) countries; make it available in printed form and online for teachers and teacher trainers.Expected results:1. Book with collection of materials for a collaborating approach in mathematics and science education2. Workshops for teachers to experience + work with the draft version of materials and allow pre-publicationevaluation by teachers3. Web-page containing electronic version of book and further materials for teacher training and school education4. Final conference to present materials 1, 2 and 3 to teacher educators, teachers (in- and pre-service), withworkshops to work with and develop further materials



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