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Masters Programmes in Public Health and Social Services
Date du début: 15 oct. 2010,

This multi country project will enable PC universities to work with EU partners to develop a range of customized, locally and regionally relevant, ECTS compliant, Masters courses and programmes of study for public health and social services professionals. The project outcomes will include:1. Status Quo report on service and curriculum needs2. Development of new courses, learning and teaching materials3. Creation of physical and online learning resource centres. 4. Accreditation and delivery of year one of the new programmes to one student cohort in each institution.5. Dissemination of project materials and findings6. Robust Quality Assurance Framework and Review methodology7. Project Management Framework and ScheduleThe project brings together a multidisciplinary team from 3 EU and 6 PC universities providing a unique opportunity to develop innovative new programmes and courses that will provide a common core of academic studies while , at the same time, enabling students to choose elective/choice modules according to their professional development needs and personal interests. The new programmes will help to provide a skilled and knowledgeable professional workforce capable of work at a high level within local and regional pubic health and social care services. The programmes will recruit students from areas such as medicine and the health professions, as well as the social work, community and youth work professions.In year three of the project specialist from the EU partner universities will visit each of the countries contributing to International studies week programmes for students on the new courses.Mindful of the need to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of mobilities and the available regional budget project management, quality assurance meetings are scheduled to take place during mobilities for other workpackages.



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