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Master in Translation - Development and Piloting of the European Master Programme in Professional Translation

To meet growing demand for high-level professional translation, especially in candidate countries, the Master in Translation project will develop and test the first European master programme in translation, collaborating with social partners in the industry. The project further expects to serve as an example of good practice in developing a European joint degree. Alongside the creation of a training programme and organisational framework, the project's key outcomes will be a curriculum handbook, a learning platform, a best practice guide (in web log format) and a published final report, all to be made available in printed form and via the project website. Innovative aspects of the project include a cutting-edge, e-learning training and learning process and increased access by those with informally acquired language skills. Applications will be made to national authorities in order to implement the developed programme with the end result expected to lead to a quality degree and true European Master programme, in which students will be able to graduate from two or more university institutions. Dissemination activities aim to inform educators across Europe about the methods and challenges encountered in developing a European degree programme and will make use of the project website & web log, articles to relevant journals, conference presentations and a published final report able to convey lessons from the project. The partnership, which intends to extend its activities beyond the lifetime of the project, will also promote the end results for commercialisation purposes, targeting education institutions, professional associations, trade unions and prospective students.