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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2019 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Objective The objective of the Master Programme in Material Science Exploring European Large Scale Facilities is to prepare skilled scientists in Materials Science together with an advanced knowledge in the use of Large Scale Facilities for the characterization of high-tech materials.Course duration Two years (120 ECTS)Brief DescriptionGlobalisation in modern life has been triggered by the development of new materials that contribute to the technological and scientific competitiveness of highly industrialized countries. To characterise these materials scientists and engineers must acquire sophisticated competences, some of them uniquely available at Large Scale Facilities. Through full integration of teaching and research activities, the universities of the consortium have brought together different specializations (majors of crystallography, spectroscopy, physics, chemistry, condensed matter, polymers, energy-storage, material characterization, neutron physics...). In this way several mobility paths are possible according to students' backgrounds and projects.Associated European and partner Universities from all over the world (Brazil, India, Japan, Switzerland, USA) offer additional mobility possibilities. Training through labs and internships parallels academic lectures and seminars during the first 3 semesters. The 4th semester is dedicated to the master thesis (30ECTS), an essential part of the programme to lead students towards full autonomy and employability as engineers or researchers. Three main events characterize the the Master Programme in Material Science Exploring European Large Scale Facilities:• An integration week to welcome all new students at the beginning of 1st semester. Sports and social events are organized to initiate students' group identity and networking. • A 2-week summer-school dedicated to large scale facilities in the early days of the 3rd semester. The intensive lecture programme (60 hours) is given by experts. • A Status Meeting at mid-4th semester, gathering all 2nd year students, master- thesis supervisors and industrial or scientific experts in a conference place. All students present their master-thesis topics scheduling as in a scientific conference. Invited experts promote their activities for future job and/or PhD positions.An international experienceThe students discover different cultures and teaching methods in a fully international environment. Part of the programme is delivered with the teaching contribution from scientists coming from outside Europe, Japan (University of Kyoto, Institute of Materials Research, and Tokyo Institute of Technology) and Russia (Southern Federal University) University of Connecticut (USA) IIT Madras (India) in order to show the perspectives in Non-European countries.A number of EU-funded scholarships are offered to the best qualified candidates.Career prospectsModern life and globalisation imply new and additional needs for scientists and scientific engineers in the field of scientific and industrial competitiveness.DiplomaStudents receive a double/multiple Master degree in Material Science, giving direct access to further PhD studies.Website:



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