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Master in Health Informatics
Date du début: 15 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 14 oct. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project proposes the development of an MSc degree program that covers the core and new trends in Health Informatics (HI) and incorporate expertise at EU institutions and six MENA universities. The program will use modern learning and research approaches to support the program curriculum on new HI trends. Improving the efficiency of the care process, and enhancing the quality and outcome of medical treatment are underlying themes of the master program in HI. The biomedical informatics field was defined as spanning the subfields of bioinformatics (molecular and cellular processes); imaging informatics (tissues and organ systems); clinical informatics (individuals and patients) and public health informatics (populations and society). The last two subfields, clinical informatics and public health informatics together comprise health informatics, and are at the heart of our envisioned program. Our proposed curriculum will focus on:-Clinical tasks – in particular, medical decision-making pertaining to prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow up and the required support from information systems – as well as patient-related issues;-Healthcare organisation and processes - in particular, the use of information technology in structuring and organising patient-care processes (care-chain logistics).The program will provide preliminaries; foundations (such as quality of care based on clinical registries; terminology systems; and Evaluation and Usability); and emerging technologies (such as Decision Support Systems; eHealth; and Big data analytics). The program objectives are to meet the growing demand for skills pertaining to solving information-related problems and to tackle the problem of lack of job readiness of (IT) graduates entering the healthcare sector. Bringing together the various institutions will facilitate arriving at the definition of the precise program goals and the learning outcomes.



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