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Master Curriculum, Capacity Building and Network Development in Traffic Safety in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon
Date du début: 15 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 14 oct. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Road traffic accidents are a growing health, social and economic problem in the partner countries Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. Whereas EU countries, steadily and systematically reduced the numbers and severity of road accidents last decades, by implementing modern solutions and applications, the problems continue to grow in EG-JO-LB. Much of this existing knowledge, practices and know-how in EU can be transferred and implemented in partner countries. The overall aim of the project is to design, develop, adapt and implement a new MS.c curriculum in the field of Road Traffic Safety within joint efforts between EU-EG-JO-LB partner Universities according to Bologna requirements and EU traffic safety standards and best practices. The developed curriculum will be based on a market analysis and job demands for graduate engineers in EG-JO-LB. The curriculum will be tailored to the problems, needs and traffic characteristics in EG-JO-LB. This curriculum will be supported with several innovative elements e.g.:- The EU-MENA Network in Traffic Safety for sharing best practices and know-how between universities and stakeholders.- The EU-EG-JO-LB traffic accidents database for benchmarking and analysis.- The EU-EG-JO-LB handbook of best practices in traffic accidents.- The EU-EG-JO-LB handbook of traffic accidents standards.This curriculum will be also supported with ICT supported platforms e.g. OpenCourseWare for sharing teaching and learning material, Webinar online meetings, etc.The project will be structured into 4 phases:1. Current curriculum analysis (from Month 1 to Month 6).2. Development of the new curriculum and innovative elements (from M7 to M24).3. Realisation of the new curriculum (from M19 to M24).4. Implementation and evaluation (from M25 to M36).This curriculum, supported material and gained skills will contribute positively on economy and society development in partner country by making road traffic in MENA region safer and sustainable.



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