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Massive Online Open Εducation Quality
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The key aim of MOOQ is to support the formulation and integration of Quality approaches and mechanisms into the life-cycle of MOO design, implementation, and delivery with emphasis on learning content and its provisions towards innovative learning settings and experiences for all. MOOQ addresses the open issue of integration of quality approaches and mechanisms into the design of MOO education by pursuing the following objectives: • Analysis on existing practices for integrating quality approaches on emerging open online courses, including active discourse on open issues and concerns arising from the massive, large-scale implementations, showcasing paradigms of key players in the field. • Development of a Quality Reference Framework (QRF) for the design, evaluation and assurance of MOOCs drawing upon formal standardization principles issued by ISO and CEN. • Design, deployment and assessment of 2 multilingual MOOC pilot and associated software tools applying in practice and showcasing how to apply and manage the QRF. • Standardisation activities that shall allow the integration of the project’s outcomes into specifications and standards both at European level (CEN-European Committee for Standardisation) and later, internationally (ISO). • Dissemination and awareness raising on the basis of well-targeted communication aiming at the introduction and promotion of the QRF to all stakeholders towards adopting and understanding the benefits of quality-enhanced, open online learning (including the establishment and pilot operation of an Observatory for the Quality of MOOCs (European Quality Observatory for Massive Open Education-EQOM). EQOM will maintain, manage, expand and assess the knowledge acquired during the project and establish liasons with other associations.



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