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Mass Career Customization -a flexible career approach : effects on women's career advancement and wellbeing (GenderMassCareer)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2011, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

During my IEF I will investigate on the effects of a new innovative career tool on the career advancement of women inside a multinational Accountancy firm. The overall objective is to examine how organisations by the use of more flexible career models can create inclusive organisational cultures that promote equal treatment and health and well-being among their female workforce. In this regard, I follow an important request of the EU – the promotion of gender equality and employability. To address this question I will apply an interdisciplinary approach using theories and methods from the field of organisational behaviour, applied psychology, sociology and management. Data originates from an existing dataset (n= 1043) that will be complemented by (1) a follow up employee survey and (2) a survey directed to employees’ supervisor. Data is obtained in two points of time in order to observe changes in objective and subjective careers success and other individual outcomes such as wellbeing, job satisfaction, career satisfaction, work-family conflict, stress, turnover intentions. Furthermore, objective data on career advancement of women in comparison to men will be derived from company data (e.g. entry assessments, performance ratings, promotions, salary level data, and turnover rates). The project will be carried out in cooperation with an industry-academic partnership between the Amsterdam Center for Career Research (ACCR), VU (Vrije Universiteit) Amsterdam and a multinational Accountancy firm in the Netherlands.



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