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Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The European Volunteer project that the Red Cross of Tudelaorganizes mostly includes social activities that take place in the city of Tudela (Navarra), second most important city of the Foral Community, with good accommodations and services, and with a population of approximately 35.000 habitants. The annual activity plan of the Red Cross of Tudela is dedicated to the most vulnerable population of the community (elderly and dependent, disabled people, people in situation of social vulnerability and children in situation of risk of social exclusion). In order to realize these tasks we count on a group of professionals ( 3 drivers, 4 social workers, 1 psychologist, 1 lawyer, 2 intercultural mediators, and 1 concierge) and volunteers (more than 400 volunteers with different formation, culture, age and interest). The Red Cross offers to the volunteers of the EVS project the opportunity to work with two groups of vulnerable persons: - ELDERLY AND DEPENDENTS As a working plan with the elderly and the dependents we strongly count on: • Preventive attention Growing old actively, participating at the activities we organize (memory workshop, healthy walk,etc.) with the social participation of the elderly. • Full attention Supporting persons in risk of solitude and intervention with dependent persons and/or their siblings or carer. The activities with the elderly and dependent people of the Red Cross of Tudela (walking support at the place of residence, workshop of familial breath, healthy walk, preventive conference, etc.) are possible thanks to the volunteers, the technical referents (social worker and psychologist) deal with the program, the management and the supervision of the activity that the volunteers daily organize. CHILDREN IN SITUACION OF RISK OF SOCIAL EXCLUSION The social educative space of children support (ESAI), is dedicated to minors between 8 and 12 years old. The general objective of this project is to endow the community with resources to realize stable social educative activities (help to the homework and leisure), in order to develop the integration of the children who are in a situation of social risk, conflict and/or difficulty, and to encourage their full development. The ESAI can take place thanks to the volunteers, the worker deals with the formation and the supervision of the activity that the volunteers organize. Previously at the incorporation in the project, a formative session takes place in order to deeply know the activities, the objectives, the participants profile, … When the activity starts, coordination sessions take place, exchanges of experience and formations with the goal of supervise and realize the most pertinent improvement in order to accomplish the project. The volunteers of this project give a direct service of attention to persons in situation of social vulnerability. The non-formal learning is promoted with the relationships of help and the mutual link that grow in a trusty environment with a diversity of profile, age, necessities, worries, cultural background and different languages. The participation of European volunteers improves the activities of this project and offers another vision of the reality/necessity and, promotes a new space where all the volunteers of our entity share their experiences. The result of the activities will be offered to the native population with the goal of revaluing the volunteer action. We can already see the impact of the EVS program, since that for the past years multiple persons showed interest in the participation of the Youth in Action Program, and concretely in the European Voluntary Service. We believe that newly the impact will be visible and notable, since the enrichment of the activity as an European on, and the reinforcement of the importance of the humanitarian action between ours young population, as more as local level than at european level.



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