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Marketingprojekt im Unterricht für den Bereich Vertrieb Automobil
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project background We looked for a partner school to improve our dual educationsystem in the academic sector. We were interested in a school which also educate automobile traders. The Munic School for automobile traders seems to be the best partner school for us. Gains The most important gain will be the profit of the comparison of both types. Espacially the school education should be improved. Meant is a special project in the sector of selfdependent work. Especially in the part of automobile trading should it be a care area. The marketing part should close with the presentations of the pupils work. This presentation should imply a role play. This interdisciplinary project should be an inherent part of the future instructions. Head count and profiles of the participiants All teachers of both schools (Munic and Steyr) should be involved in this project. The prime part group will include 5 members from Munic and 3 members of the Steyr teaching staff. Teachers from professional group one and two will be represented in this working group. Experiences in self dependent work and project teaching are important for the selection. Activities, methods and project execution Seven workshops and project-meetings are planed. The focus of the first meetings will be the setting of the strategy and the paning of the whole process. The second part will concern the individual bricks concerning the instructions. Internship as observer is also planed. In the third part there will be an intercharge of pupils. We will apply the main focus on the practiacal applications, präsentations and role plays. Persued conclusion and effects By the use oft he project the profile of the profession automobile trader (KFZ-Käufer) should be consolidated. Other key aspects from this project can be adapted tot he retail sale. Inside the separate school teams there are also disseminators, teaching in other education fields. E.g. Pädagogische Hochschule) Longtermed benefits This project should give an input for a longterm modification of the curricula. Contemprary teaching methods should be the fundament. In the future self dependent work, presentations and role plays should be introduced in the methods of education. These are important milestones for an positive personality development of young people.



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